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7 Custom Software Examples that Prove Tailor-Made Is the Way to Go

Businesses run on software. Your employees probably use software every day, from simple applications like browsers and word processors to more complex applications like point of sale software and relationship management platforms. Sometimes commercial off the shelf software (COTS) solutions...

/ April 18, 2019

3 Custom Software Examples That Highlight the Limitations of Commercial Off the Shelf Software

When your company is facing a challenge that only software can solve, you have two options. The first is commercial off the shelf software (COTS, in shorthand), and the second is custom designed software, and choosing between the two can...

/ April 10, 2019

Looking to Compete in Business? Consider Custom Software

With more and more large corporations investing in custom software and larger in-house IT teams, the challenge to compete is getting tougher for small to mid-sized companies. The pressure is strong to upgrade systems and processes while utilizing the latest...

/ April 3, 2019

The Commercial Real Estate Industry and Information Overload

The Commercial Real Estate industry has long recognized the value of information that removes decision making from the sphere of instinct and speculation to one of absolutes. The information is there. And, it continues to grow thanks to the growing...

/ March 19, 2019

16 Things to Look For in a Software Development Company

You’re ready to grow your business, and you’re sitting on an amazing application or software tool idea. The only problem is that moving from the concept stage to execution requires a skill set or human assets that you don’t currently...

/ March 18, 2019

7 Ways Software Development Can Help Your Business

There comes a time for all ambitious, driven entrepreneurs, where software development becomes a priority, or at least, a major issue that occupies your busy, mile-a-minute professional consciousness.   You normally start thinking about custom software because of your lofty goals and vision.   You have a plan...

/ March 13, 2019

Custom Software vs. Off the Shelf: Which is Right for Your Business?

You’ve gotten to that point where you’re weighing custom software vs an off-the-shelf solution. It’s a difficult choice because it’s a big decision.   We understand the dilemma and the angst. Like us, you have a vision and you’re ambitious. You want to...

/ March 6, 2019
Top .Net Software Development

Bitbean Named an Industry Leader on Clutch

We are a dedicated team of innovators, strategists, and developers, providing custom software solutions to match the unique challenges faced by firms of all shapes and sizes. We make commitments to the people we work with, building partnerships that surpass...

/ March 5, 2019
user testing

Don’t Skip User Testing! It Can Make or Break Your Product’s Success!

Can skipping user testing really kill your next product? After all, you’ve already planned for any potential problems from the project’s onset. And you’ve done extensive research to uncover any competitive products and issues that could stifle success. Your designers...

/ February 21, 2019
creating wireframes

Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Wireframes

If you’re wondering if or why you should spend more time thinking about wireframes, read on. Or, if you just need a refresher on the topic, you’ve come to the right place. Wireframing is a step that designers use early...

/ February 10, 2019