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Product sales

Digital Technologies Build Better Products

Many successful businesses have already discovered that digital technologies build better products and services. It’s part of a ever-growing trend that comes with the economy of tech. Finding its way into all industries and eventually all businesses, there really is...

/ November 15, 2018
tech economy

Economy of Tech – Helping Companies Ride Wave of Success

Economy of tech is defined here as advances in technology and relative spending that affects GDP. And it’s making a huge impact. Changes in the Dow Jones and S&P by tech giants, Amazon, Apple, and Google are “replacing large industrial...

/ November 11, 2018
Customer Experience, Customer Journey

Is Your Customer Experience Strategy Driving or Killing Your Business?

An exceptional customer experience strategy is more important than ever. Customers are different today. They’ve grown accustom to amazing customer experience innovations that make transactions easy and painless. Customers are saving time and money with less effort. Consumers order things...

/ November 5, 2018
Technology software to heal the world

The Promise of Technology to Heal Our World

Is the promise of technology like an innovation with a conscience? Will tomorrow’s breakthroughs ultimately represent the key to our future and advance us to a better world? Most ideas start out with good intentions. Researchers, for example, explore the...

/ October 31, 2018

Proud to Announce Partnership with Interaction Design Foundation

Bitbean has been fortunate to become an educational partner with the IDF (Interaction Design Foundation)! The IDF is an Ivy-league level design education with a strong emphasis on “design thinking”. When we think about design thinking, the first word that...

/ October 30, 2018
Finance Technologies

Are Finance Technologies in Your Future?

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, and digital invoicing are just some of the finance technologies and innovations that are moving faster than the finance industry can adopt them. Looking back just a few short years ago, it wasn’t unusual that you’d find...

/ October 28, 2018
Technology in Healthcare

The Digital Healthcare Revolution: Are You Onboard?

Future generations have a lot to look forward to when it comes to technology in healthcare. Amazing healthcare innovations will allow us to live longer as we discover better ways to treat illness, battle diseases, and discover cures. Scientists will...

/ October 25, 2018
Real Estate and Technology

Technology is Changing the Real Estate Industry: Where do you stand?

There’s no question that technology is changing the real estate industry. It used to be that buying and selling property depended largely on relationships between sellers and agents. But in today’s disruptive environment, the business of real estate is evolving,...

/ October 20, 2018
Brick-and-mortar versus virtual sales

Brick-and-Mortar versus Virtual Sales: Will the Future Leave Your Business Behind?

Is brick-and-mortar versus virtual sales today’s reality? If you’re a store owner, you know that online sales are changing the face of retail at a much faster pace than expected—maybe even at lightning speed. Literally from one day to the...

/ October 17, 2018
Next Big Thing in Software

Next Big Thing in Custom Software (is Your Business)

What’s the next big thing in custom software? The real question is, what’s the next big thing on your plate? Most winning ideas come from innovative businesses trying to solve a problem. Sometimes it’s born of the type of frustration...

/ October 8, 2018