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disruption or pain points

The Fallacy of the Focus on Disruption

It’s all about resolving pain points. Airbnb resolved the lack of trust between homeowner and guest. Dislike for hotel accommodations. Desire to roam the world freely. Uber resolved the wait in a downpour for a taxi to pass by. Waiting...

/ September 27, 2019
Technical considerations when building software

What Technical Considerations are Best for Your Software Development?

If you’re thinking about developing custom software, there are some technical considerations that will need to be decided before the process begins. You should think about the methodologies, design methods, and technology tools that you plan to use. It may...

/ July 11, 2019
Turnkey business benefits

How Your Business Can Benefit from a Turn-key Model

Can your business really benefit from a turn-key model? If providing your customers with the same high-quality experiences to increase sales, the answer is yes! According to Michael E. Gerber author of The E-Myth Revisited, finding a turn-key solution to...

/ December 24, 2018
technology winning over customers

How Tech-Savvy Companies Compete for Business

The way tech-savvy companies compete for business these days has some big players scrambling to upgrade their offerings. In some cases, tech-savvy startups have found a special niche that consumers love. Others have ramped up existing products or services, and...

/ November 25, 2018
Plan a digital business strategy

Digital Business Strategy: What’s Your Plan for Success?

To survive in today’s competitive business climate, companies will need a viable digital business strategy. A well-prepared digital plan will provide businesses with the best chance for success. Apparently, this is not surprising for most companies. In fact, most organizations...

/ November 19, 2018
attract better employees with technology

Attracting the Best Talent with Tech is Good for Business

As companies compete to find employees, some are attracting the best talent with tech. But the best employees want to work for the best companies. Having a solid reputation and history of treating employees right is important. But technology is...

/ November 18, 2018
Product sales

Digital Technologies Build Better Products

Many successful businesses have already discovered that digital technologies build better products and services. It’s part of a ever-growing trend that comes with the economy of tech. Finding its way into all industries and eventually all businesses, there really is...

/ November 15, 2018
Customer Experience, Customer Journey

Is Your Customer Experience Strategy Driving or Killing Your Business?

An exceptional customer experience strategy is more important than ever. Customers are different today. They’ve grown accustom to amazing customer experience innovations that make transactions easy and painless. Customers are saving time and money with less effort. Consumers order things...

/ November 5, 2018
custom software cms

The Face-Off: Wix, WordPress or Custom Software?

When building websites, big decisions come early Websites, being the digital embodiment of organizations, bring with them a tide of strategic decisions. That tide can be as easy or frustrating to weather as you want it to be – it’s...

/ September 25, 2017