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How to Empower Your Software Team to Do Great Things

The positive energy of teamwork is a powerful force in business. This is especially true of teamwork within software teams who are responsible for developing innovative solutions. Empowering these teams can bring greater success in creating strategies and products that...

/ July 4, 2019

Assessing Teamwork at Work: Testing 1, 2, 3

Assessing teamwork starts with a few questions. Is teamwork thriving at your company? How well do your teams carry out their goals? How do you assess their performance? These may be the next million dollar questions—literally. Failed teams can be...

/ July 27, 2018
Working Together as a Team

Great Teamwork Starts with a Dream Team, or Does It?

So, are you ready to build that winning team to help you take on that new project? There’s no question that great teamwork is an important part of business. Without it, you may have various employees running around in different...

/ July 20, 2018
bad teams or bad leadership?

Improving Teamwork Skills: What Makes a Great Team Leader

You’ve heard it before,  “there are no bad teams, just bad leaders.” And if you look around, there are countless examples of exceptional teamwork with groups that have greatly improved with a new leader. The reverse can also be true,...

/ July 12, 2018
Teamwork conflicts at work

Stop Teamwork Conflict and You’ll Kill the Next Big Idea

So you have teamwork conflict. Well, I’m going to be blunt here. If you’re someone who hates conflict and prefers a nice harmonious coexistence in your workplace, you’re likely closing the door to teamwork and creative thinking. And if your...

/ July 12, 2018