Ephraim Arnstein

Bitbean’s Success in Transforming Companies

From the time he was a camp program coordinator at the age of 25, Ephraim Arnstein knew the power of problem solving and forging successful relationships. Now, as CEO of Bitbean, the experiences of his long-gone camp days have become...

/ August 19, 2019
UX design features for a mobile app

What to Consider When Performing UX Research

In an increasingly consumer-centric digital market, UX research is an essential step in the design of a digital product. Be it any product, if it is designed without carefully researching users’ needs, it fails to meet the mark or worse...

/ August 13, 2019

Bitbean Recognized As Top New Jersey Developer by Clutch.co!

For little under a decade, Bitbean has successfully built custom software for ambitious companies striving to be industry leaders. Our team applies a wide range of talents to tackle challenges head on and build powerful customer enterprise software. The commitment...

/ August 10, 2019
Designers develop UX designs for website and apps

Creative Brainstorming UX Ideas for Web Designers

The solution design process of any product or service can be challenging. Generating new ideas requires creativity, innovation, and some out-of-the-box thinking. The same applies to custom UX design for websites. After a certain point, teams who feel stuck end...

/ August 8, 2019

How to Find Help for Your Custom Software Project

Developing custom software from scratch can be a huge endeavor. If you take it to your in-house team, you might wonder why you decided to bite off more than you can chew. It’s a tough thing to have to admit....

/ July 25, 2019

Bankable App Models – Which One Is Right for You? 

It’s no secret that mobile apps generate tremendous revenue and widespread smartphone usage has further enhanced their potential. But how do mobile apps generate income? There is a variety of mobile app revenue models today that app developers can choose from to enhance profitability. Models differ in terms of...

/ July 23, 2019

When Does It Make Sense to Outsource My Project?

Once you’ve decided that custom software is the best solution to reach your business goals, it’s time to think strategy. Will your in-house team do the build? Or should you outsource it? If you choose to outsource, you’re not alone....

/ July 18, 2019

How to Make a Mobile App for Your Business

It’s common knowledge that more and more of us spend a considerable amount of time on our mobile phones. However, we aren’t using our phones just to stay connected with family and friends anymore. We’re using it to browse, shop,...

/ July 16, 2019
Technical considerations when building software

What Technical Considerations are Best for Your Software Development?

If you’re thinking about developing custom software, there are some technical considerations that will need to be decided before the process begins. You should think about the methodologies, design methods, and technology tools that you plan to use. It may...

/ July 11, 2019
Future trends in mobile app development – concept image of future network architecture of devices.

7 Future Mobile App Trends

Increasing number of people all over the world spend more time on their Smartphones today than on any other device, excluding the time they spend at work (hopefully). It’s no wonder then that mobile phone usage has seen a tremendous...

/ July 9, 2019