disruption or pain points

The Fallacy of the Focus on Disruption

It’s all about resolving pain points. Airbnb resolved the lack of trust between homeowner and guest. Dislike for hotel accommodations. Desire to roam the world freely. Uber resolved the wait in a downpour for a taxi to pass by. Waiting...

/ September 27, 2019
businesspeople talking about project plan

How to Develop a Winning Software Development Project Plan

Starting a project? Plan thoroughly before you implement it! Many managers think they don’t require a plan because the project may be too small, low budget, or simply because they think it’s unnecessary as all team members have a good...

/ September 17, 2019
Highly Effective Soft Skills

Highly Effective Soft Skills for the Software Development Life-Cycle Part 1

When I started consulting in the software world several years ago, I knew I had the hard skills to do the job. I knew the questions that I should ask and which key members to invite to the meetings. I...

/ September 13, 2019
business application software that provides data analysis

Top Custom Software Development Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Technology evolves continuously as we strive to create improved solutions and products by constantly researching and innovating. In the digital era, software development trends undergo constant change alongside rapid changes and advances in technologies. However, creating the best, most efficient,...

/ September 10, 2019
Brainstorm and whiteboards

The Amazing Effects of the Humble Whiteboard Marker

At any point in the software development life cycle, brainstorming on a whiteboard or on paper, proves to be enormously helpful in fleshing out thorny requirements. Whether it’s in the initial stages of discovery when you still are figuring out...

/ August 28, 2019
UX design prototype of mobile application

Understanding UI/UX Design and How They are Different

The terms UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) are often used interchangeably, which is probably the reason for the confusion between the two. While both are related to user experience, UX and UI are two distinct processes that work...

/ August 27, 2019
graphic design studio showing website for best UX design

Fascinating Places to Find UX Design Inspiration

Artists and designers draw inspiration from a variety of sources, be it nature, movies, inanimate objects, Disney characters, and even video games! It’s quite natural as we’re constantly processing the world around us, imbibing great ideas that automatically come to...

/ August 20, 2019
Ephraim Arnstein

Bitbean’s Success in Transforming Companies

From the time he was a camp program coordinator at the age of 25, Ephraim Arnstein knew the power of problem solving and forging successful relationships. Now, as CEO of Bitbean, the experiences of his long-gone camp days have become...

/ August 19, 2019
UX design features for a mobile app

What to Consider When Performing UX Research

In an increasingly consumer-centric digital market, UX research is an essential step in the design of a digital product. Be it any product, if it is designed without carefully researching users’ needs, it fails to meet the mark or worse...

/ August 13, 2019

Bitbean Recognized As Top New Jersey Developer by Clutch.co!

For little under a decade, Bitbean has successfully built custom software for ambitious companies striving to be industry leaders. Our team applies a wide range of talents to tackle challenges head on and build powerful customer enterprise software. The commitment...

/ August 10, 2019