The Bitbean Promise

Our commitment to you is to provide far more than software solutions. We passionately invest ourselves in your business. Our only measurement for success is your success, your achieving your vision goals, and transcending them. All that we do is a manifestation of this sacrosanct commitment. Every assumption we toss aside, every challenge we throw at you and at each other, the intense mental muscle we apply to our Shifting Perspectives® method, is a demonstration of our fidelity to helping you build the business you set out to build.

We accomplish this by:


Teamwork isn’t a buzzword. At Bitbean team structure is part of our ethics. We are very rigorous in our consideration of who should be a part of the team for your project.  We don’t assemble a team ad hoc. Every team member is selected for their experience, expertise, skills and compatibility with the other team members. This creates a cohesive, smoothly functioning team that optimizes results.


Proceed Cautiously

Your team doesn’t simply jump into your project. Through our Shifting Perspective process all risks are evaluated up-front. These risks include value risk (whether people will buy it), usability risk (whether people can figure out how to use it), feasibility risk (whether our engineers can build what we need with the time, skills and technology we have), and business risk (whether this solution also works for the various aspects of our business). Having evaluated the potential risks, your team collaboratively evaluates if those risks can be addressed, and if yes, how to do so.


360 Degree Collaboration

The heart of our teamwork is teamwork. Every step of the process, product, design and engineering work side by side to in a constant give and take. By challenging one another’s ideas, by seeing the project from a range of perspectives, the team gains a 360 degree view of the entire project. Problems are identified, a range of solutions are shared, and the final solution that meets the exacting judgmental evaluation of all team members leads to results that often go beyond your expectations.


Results, Not Solutions

From where we sit, software solutions a misnomer.  Focusing on creating a solution to a problem is only a part of our process. We are as passionately dedicated as you are to seeing your company become an industry leader. Through our Shifting Perspective process we are able to identify present as well as future problems. We are able to identify opportunities for growth that a solution-only thought process would never see. Through our process we create software that can evolve with your company, and so remains a platform for growth and success for many years to come.