Software Development Services & Software Consulting Services

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At Bitbean, helping others to succeed in their vision is serious business. The Bitbean customer journey is the path we travel with you to capture and fulfill your vision of what you want to accomplish for your business, both now and in the future. To achieve optimum results, we employ software development services and software consulting services to identify key opportunities of value for your business and your vision. 

Software Consulting Services

Our determination to build software that helps you grow your business, requires that we start with a Software Consultation to discuss your business objectives. We utilize our Shifting Perspective® process at the very outset of the consultation. Our unique approach clarifies your goals, vision, and purpose. Not only does Shifting Perspectives define the thought process for your ideas, but it allows you to see where your business is going without getting stuck in technicalities. Looking at the bigger picture is how we are able to frame solutions that go beyond the present to endure for years. Ultimately, our software development services and software consulting services exist to lift the value of your business, to increase ROI, and expand your revenue opportunities.

Product Strategy

We then move to a Product Strategy phase where we ascertain the scope required to accomplish your project’s objectives. The outcome is the business overview and project summary which consists of goals, initiatives, and business drivers. With that, we create a high-level project scope and a level of effort.

Software Development Services & UX Design

The next step is where the real action starts – the UX Design and the Software Development phase. Here it’s all about talent, teamwork, and well-defined approaches to ensure the project’s success. Our teams include a product/project owner, BA, tech lead, and UX designer. We follow Spotify’s Dual Track Agile methodology and start with a deep dive discovery. Major components are organized into Themes and Epics, which help to define the project’s roadmap. The product takes shape with Persona’s, User Journey Maps, and User Stories, all designed to ensure that we accurately align with your goals. The UX journey culminates with clickable prototypes (product simulations) and designs so you can test drive the potential product.

Then comes the Software Development phase, which is all about building features, testing, and bringing the product to life. We work in sprints, identifying small bits of functionality, testing, and releasing.

The Software Development Services & Software Consulting Services Journey

Our promise to you is that we remain transparent throughout the project. We provide deliverables often and in several different forms to constantly involve you in the processes. Because, it’s not just about software development services or software consulting servicesit’s about connecting with your dream of a better way to do business.

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Bitbean’s software development services offer a comprehensive and transparent process designed to create the best software solutions for your company. 

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