Who We Are

We are driven not to settle for mere knowledge and answers. We’re driven to seek every pathway that leads us to the truth.

The truth about your business.

We get beneath the surface to understand the purpose of your business, the why of your business.

We call this process Shifting Perspectives®.

Shifting Perspectives

Shifting Perspectives requires a different way of thinking.

We’re mental tinkerers.

All assumptions are left by the wayside. We listen, we probe, we question, listen more, challenge again.

We decry the accepted. scoff at the formulaic. reproach the processes. We are constantly shifting perspectives, seeing your business through many prisms, uncovering the complex interconnecting pathways that are hidden, yet determining factors in the results you achieve.

We are in a determined, relentless search for the enduring solution that sees around corners, peers deep into the future, and continues to operate effectively long beyond any rational expectation.

The solution where your vision and reality ultimately meet.

The ultimate truth.


Core Values


Act with Integrity

We believe integrity is the foundation of our individual and corporate actions that drives an organization of which we are proud. We say what we mean, and mean what we say. Without integrity we could not be a team.

Pursue Growth and Learning

Bitbean embraces the concept of lifelong learning. We’re all about spreading our wings, and seeing where it takes us. There’s no sticking to the status quo – there’s only moving forward, improving, and achieving. Pursuing growth and continuous learning is the surest path to maintaining the success we’ve enjoyed for so many years. We believe in investing in our team members’ professional development. After all, remarkable people achieve remarkable things.

Deliver Excellence

We set the standard in service delivery through a/our commitment to excellence. We stand behind the services we provide and are dependable in every task assigned, no matter how big or small. At Bitbean we are not average, our service is not average, and we don’t intend for our people to be average. We expect every employee to deliver excellence. When we deliver excellence, we give of ourselves in a way that exceeds our own expectations.

Embrace and Drive Change

At Bitbean, change isn’t something to be feared. We not only embrace change – we encourage and drive it. After many years on the front lines of building custom software, we know that change can and will come from all directions. We’ve structured our business and our team to be able to respond quickly to industry shifts while keeping our clients’ interests at the top of our minds. We pride ourselves on being an ever-evolving team with a culture rooted in innovation. Our ability to constantly adapt and improve the way we do business is how we stay ahead of the curve. We’re not afraid of change, and we anticipate the unknown.

Our Headquarters



Ephraim Arnstein  – CEO                       Shua Talansky – Head of Engineering