To Achieve Your Company's Mission, Your Employees Need to Believe in It.

      To Achieve Your Company's Mission, Your Employees Need to Believe in It.

      Very likely you started your business with a mission, a purpose. Undoubtedly, that purpose included making gobs of money. Early retirement wouldn’t be bad, either. But there was more. You had a dream, a vision of what you wanted to accomplish, not just for yourself, but for your employees and your clients. And even a dab of ego on what you wanted to accomplish for society.

      Losing sight of the mission

      Then somewhere along the way you lost sight of that purpose. The daily responsibilities of survival and growth superseded the long-range vision. It’s about staying in business in tough times and staying ahead of the competition at all times!

      I know because often when we speak to clients here at Bitbean about what they truly want to accomplish. We understand the client’s true goal so we can develop custom software to accomplish that goal. We find that it takes some pushing and prodding. It’s no longer top of mind awareness in our client’s mind.

      Keeping the purpose alive 

      But when he articulates it, boy you can see the sparkle in his eyes, see the energy uncoiled. That purpose is why he gets up every day, why he braves the ups and downs, the gut-wrenching challenges, the moments of falling into the abyss inches away from failure.

      We all need a reminder of what’s really driving us. It keeps us focused on the big picture, so all our moves and decisions are headed towards that ultimate purpose.

      But it’s not just you. Your employees need to know your purpose, understand and believe in it to stay on track and not wander aimlessly.

      Don’t assume your employees care

      Came across a blog by Elizabeth Dukes, co-founder and EVP of iOffice, a company that provides innovative solutions. Don’t Assume Your Employees Care About Your Company’s Mission will encourage you to focus on your purpose, and how it relates to your employees, and therefore to your company’s future.

      If employees don’t know where they’re going, they easily become aimless and can’t effectively help your organization stay on course and reach its goals. And if they don’t understand how your organization defines success, they’ll never be able to meet expectations, much less exceed them.

      Powerful stuff.

      Get a refreshing reminder on why your mission shouldn’t be ancient history locked in the warehouse of your mind.