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Product Development Strategy

A great product strategy gives your product better odds for success. What makes a good product awesome? What makes a bestseller? What makes something absolutely addictive? How does your product boost productivity? At Bitbean, we understand what it takes to make a great product. So, whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to market a new tech product, or a seasoned business owner looking to revamp your software, we’ve got you covered with an exceptional product development strategy and custom product design.

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Product development strategy


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“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple”

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple”

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Product development strategy fundamentals

focus on problem solving

Focus on problem solving

We make it a priority to fully understand your challenges before we start a custom product design. Our expert teams are committed to resolving your underlying issues then present you with the best options.

tackle big risks early

Tackle big risks early

Early on, before we build your software, we look at the risks holistically. We analyze and solve for value, usability, feasibility, and business risks to help you reach your goals.

collaborate throughout

Collaborate throughout

Everything we do is achieved by our strong product, design, and engineering teams who work side-by-side in an effective give-and-take to uncover your best solutions.

Shifting Perspectives® for product strategy

Throughout Shifting Perspectives® we dive deep into

checkYour high-level goals and initiatives

checkUnderstanding your business

checkThe problems you are trying to solve

checkThe driving needs for better software and newer products

We work to develop your vision—whether you are a business owner, stakeholder, or entrepeneur.

Our product development strategy journey

Initial scope

You know what you want your software to accomplish. But what will it take to develop it? We’ll look at the best possible options, potential designs, project management, and what’s needed to build the project from beginning to end. Our initial scope assessment gives you a frame of reference to help you understand the complexities of the software and set realistic expectations. You’ll receive a high-level outline of the effort needed to accomplish the objectives in the Minimal Viable Product (MVP).
inital scope
Establishing a minimal viable product (MVP)

Establishing a minimal viable product (MVP)

Bitbean understands that custom software is an investment, and like all investments we want to mitigate your risk as much as possible. That’s why we work to develop an MVP so you can go to market, pick up traction, and see returns on your investment. This happens before we build out costly feature enhancements in your custom software design.

Research & discovery

As a business owner, you need a crystal-clear understanding of what your product or service needs in order to advance and increase in value. Our data analysis and information gathering process digs deeper into the details of what’s important to your business, target audience, and industry. Bitbean’s hands-on experience provides the tools and insight needed to make informed decisions. During this discovery process, we define goals and objectives, and look at all angles including budget, schedule, technical and engineering needs, and overall size.
research and discovery
requirements specification

Requirements specification

Once your Bitbean team understands your audience, users, and the problems they are trying to solve, we’ll begin to formulate your product. All information is gathered and grouped into initiatives which will be used to achieve your defined goals. Major components such as themes, epics, and features take shape. User stories are created to ensure technicalities have a clear purpose. This phase culminates with an updated roadmap containing a prioritized hierarchy of the components included in a market-ready Minimum Viable Product.

Design & UX

How customers use your product tells a valuable story. That’s why our design phase revolves around the user experience (UX) or UX design process. In this collaborative and iterative process, your team collects ideas, validates assumptions, and gathers and reviews feedback. We put ideas in front of users, get their feedback, refine them, and repeat. The ideas are represented by paper prototypes or interactive wireframes. We then construct a high-fidelity design with graphics and styles. A clickable prototype is validated with your stakeholders and end-users through user testing sessions.
design and ux


Bitbean assembles a team of highly skilled developers each with their own expertise. We understand that coding is the most complex and time-consuming part of building your software. This means we won’t begin the build phase until you are fully satisfied with the product design. As a result, we’ll eliminate costly revisions that can wreak havoc on your budget due to unsatisfactory features and functions that must be thrown out and rebuilt. Plus, we are able to set and meet realistic and aggressive deadlines with dual track agile, sprints, and daily standups.

Testing & maintenance

The success and lifespan of your product are of paramount importance to us. To ensure optimal results, we test your product to be sure it’s functioning at the highest possible level. That’s why we perform Alpha and Beta testing, which are two distinct processes driven by different strategies and goals. In addition, each story undergoes a rigorous internal code review before handing it over to you for user acceptance testing. Confidence is built prior to launching the product to ensure your product is secure, compatible, and performs optimally.
testing and maintenance