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Custom Software Development that Stands the Test of Time and Measures Success by Results

Quality custom software development is a result of harnessing a combination of the industry’s best practices, together with cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of your business. Our Shifting Perspectives process allows us to deep dive into your business to gain an intensive depth of knowledge required to engineer enterprise level software. By understanding the broad panorama of your business, we can implement the software in a way that abstracts over your current and future business concepts/requirements, using the most relevant design patterns.

Bitbean’s years of hands-on professional custom software development experience gives you the advantage in software solutions. We are experts in building advanced solution architectures and maintaining high-performance, reliable, secure, distributed, and scalable enterprise production environments using modern frameworks.

Our focus when building software development solutions.

Custom Software Development with Scalability

We build scalable solutions to aid you in scaling smarter and faster.

We adhere to industry standards to build scalable software by implementing key architecture principles.

  • Software load balancing – the spreading of processes across multiple resources.
  • Caching – make better use of resources you already have. Pre-calculate results for later use.
  • Queueing – work is queued to a cluster of agents to be processed in parallel.
  • Platform Layer –  disconnect application code from web servers, load balancers, and databases. This makes it easier to add new resources and reuse infrastructure.

By implementing and handling the core principles of building scalable custom software development systems, we provide your business the ability to handle growing amounts of work in an efficient manner.

Quality Performance Measurement

In this era of users’/customers’ limited or zero patience for mobile app instability, top performance is key to customer loyalty.

To ensure the quality of your users’ interaction with your product and any related services, we constantly run performance tests. Through our performance measurement we examine responsiveness, stability, scalability, reliability, speed, and resource usage of your software and infrastructure. Based on test results, we constantly optimize technology ensuring that our software development solutions meet your business and customers’ needs.

Software Design with Abstraction

Abstraction is one of the key elements of good software design. It provides the most efficiently designed architecture and implementation for complex software systems. Abstraction is the act of representing essential features without including the background details or explanations.

By developing with higher level of abstraction, we communicate the behavior and lessen implementation. This results in a more efficient system for your business.

Designing a system with abstraction will scale your business by giving your teams the leverage they need to hit their goals.

Security Expertise

As your company invests in digital transformation initiatives, ensuring information security becomes more critical than ever.

To ensure that the code and processes that go into custom software development is secure as possible, we begin evolving security during requirement definition and continue throughout design and development, as well as during testing and deployment.

With our cyber security expertise, we will help you meet industry standards in protecting your data assets and meeting your compliance goals.

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Because quality custom software development doesn’t happen by accident, 
Bitbean combines industry best practices, cutting-edge technology, and years of experience to bring you the best in software solutions.