UX Design Services

On average only 28% of the words on a web page are read – combine that with a person’s 8-second attention span and you understand just how precisely important good UX design is.


Customers expect the best UX design or click elsewhere.

Bitbean’s UX design team is all about talent, teamwork,  and well-defined approaches.

Our design phase is the UX (user experience) process, which is collaborative and iterative. It revolves around a team collecting ideas, validating assumptions, gathering, and reviewing feedback. The premise of the design phase is to put ideas in front of users, get their feedback, refine them, and repeat. These ideas may be represented by paper prototypes or interactive wireframes. Thereafter, a high-fidelity design is constructed, graphics and styles are created, and a clickable prototype is validated with stakeholders and end-users through user testing sessions.

Our fundamental UX Design Process

User & Competitive Research
User Flow Sitemap
Journey Mapping
User Testing

Bitbean Solution Thinking  for Optimal UX Design

Bitbean solutions are designed to bring measurable results via inspired UX design. Through our Shifting Perspectives® process we view your stated objectives through many different prisms, enabling us to arrive at your true objective. This gives us a very specific measuring rod through which our solution thinking, and technical features are measured and prioritized against your objective.

We use the structure of Themes, Epics, and User stories to help map the requirements and features to your objectives.

We design products and create a product strategy that is true to the real world. We do this by creating a persona for each type of user who will interact with the product. With personas, we build empathy with target users, focus on their world, share insights/knowledge with other stakeholders to gain consensuses, make defensible decisions reflecting the user persona’s/user group’s exact needs, and gauge our designs’ effectiveness through their eyes. The personas are used as a guide for the user stories which become the backbone of the project. The goal of Bitbean’s UX design process is to understand the user and provide a solid foundation for your product’s success.

Learn how Bitbean’s powerful UX design brings value to your business.
Optimal UX Design is necessary to truly reach your objectives. Our expert design team provides talent, teamwork, and well-defined approaches to meet your needs, drive user interactions, and meet your goals.