Custom Enterprise Software Development

Software builds businesses. As companies grow, they inevitably reach a point at which open source and off-the-shelf software can no longer get the job done. The challenges become too complex. The numbers get too big. The user base grows past what the platform can handle. That’s when it’s time to transition to enterprise software solutions that can meet the needs of not only of a team or a department, but of an entire organization.

Bitbean’s Approach to Enterprise Software

Bitbean does more than just create custom software because we understand that the applications growth-oriented companies adopt have to do more than just perform a function. Our enterprise software solutions are designed to turn your biggest challenges into even bigger opportunities. We dive deep into your business structure, identify growth pathways, and harness cutting edge technology to transform your corporate vision into reality.

Enterprise CRM Software Systems

Customers are what keep businesses alive. CRM software for enterprises drives most sales and marketing operations because it is designed to handle the extremely complex processes carried out by large corporate entities. It’s impossible to be competitive without enterprise CRM software once you’ve reached a certain stage of growth where your operations include numerous product or service lines going to customers in multiple countries.

Custom enterprise CRM software is user-friendly, can adapt to your sales cycles and existing operations, and helps your company evolve as your needs change. Bitbean will help you streamline and automate customer relationship management so you can focus on growth.

Enterprise Software for Accounting

Managing and processing financial data can be a burdensome and time-consuming task without the right tools. Enterprise accounting software automates the processes involved — even when bookkeeping is complex, you’re managing large distributed inventories, or there are compliance criteria that need to be met due to the nature of your business.

Custom accounting systems software is a must-have at the enterprise level because it not only simplifies the process of managing your financial data, but also allows you to forecast more accurately, adhere to complicated tax regulations, and keep your sensitive information secure. Bitbean builds enterprise accounting software that will scale with your company.

ERP Systems

Made-to-order enterprise software can make your company more efficient and more productive by integrating and centralizing the systems managing core processes like sales, accounting, HR, CRM, inventory tracking, and customer support. Why opt for a custom ERP? The problem with most off-the-shelf commercial software is that these platforms have gaps and won’t be able to integrate with the various systems your company is already using.

When Bitbean creates a custom ERP system, you receive enterprise software that is designed to connect every system and team in your organization so all of your core processes are connected, streamlined, and scalable.

HR Systems for Enterprise Companies

Your employees are one of your most important assets and managing talent should be one of your top priorities. At the enterprise level, recruitment, training, and engagement of your workforce can become complicated, and that’s where custom HR systems come into play. These platforms make it possible to streamline administrative processes and career development so you can keep your top talent motivated and engaged.

HR software systems need to be flexible and modifiable so the system can evolve as your company grows and your human resources needs change. When Bitbean designs a custom HR platform, it is always built to grow.

Enterprise Software for eCommerce

In the business world, large eCommerce outfits stand apart because of their unique needs that often cannot be met by off-the-shelf solutions. When you are transitioning to a new ecommerce platform, it needs to integrate seamlessly with your current businesses processes and systems and be as secure as possible. At the same time, it should also give you more control over how your customers search and buy products — even when you need to process complicated transactions.

At Bitbean, we don’t just built retail platforms. Our enterprise software systems for ecommerce are designed to be a platform for accelerated growth.

Enterprise CMS Systems

You can get decent results with an open source content management system, but why stop at decent? As your business grows and you need to convey more and more information, it makes sense to invest in a high-performance website with 100% administrative control at the back end. That way, you’re not wasting time trying to work within a CMS that’s not optimized for your business, your workforce, or your company’s goals.

When Bitbean develops a custom enterprise CMS platform, it is built with the business, its processes and workflows, and its contributors in mind.

Bitbean’s years of hands-on custom software development experience will give you a major edge over the competition. We offer our clients the best in custom software solutions. 

Tell us your enterprise software needs, and we’ll build you something amazing.