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Maximizing business performance relies on cutting-edge technology built to accommodate your goals.

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Custom Enterprise Software Development | Bitbean

Enterprise software solutions satisfy the needs of your organization

checkSupports a large user base

checkHigh level/volume of on-line integrated data across the enterprise

checkCoverage of many major business functions

Bitbean helps you plan your digital strategy



An architecture that accommodates your business growth, especially sudden rapid growth, without a drop-in performance that could throttle its upward trajectory.



Maintain speed, responsiveness, and stability of your software in maximum quality and productivity under heavy workload, and over a wide variety of conditions.



Fallout from breaches and leaks can put your company’s future at risk. Our enterprise-ready architecture supports security features throughout.

low costs

Low Costs

This includes everything from the initial investment to ongoing maintenance costs. Getting an MVP released as quickly as possible to begin generating ROI.



Your enterprise software needs to interact with other tools and software already in use. We fit established workflows or improve them enough to justify disruption.

Custom enterprise software

We understand the importance of your systems and processes, and how they affect each other. Our enterprise software solutions will satisfy the needs of your organization to encompass all of your systems and successfully integrate with your other business strategies.

custom enterprise software


B2B integrations

B2B integrations





SaaS (Software as a Service)

Whether you have your own custom software, or you have an idea for software with market demand, we can lead your vision to a successful business by implementing a Software as a Service. SaaS is a model for the distribution of software where customers access software over the internet.

checkUpdates are applied automatically without customer intervention

checkThe service is purchased on a subscription basis

checkNo hardware is required to be installed by the customer

Before implementing a SaaS as part of your business infrastructure, we’ll ensure we have a very clear understanding about your business processes and infrastructure work. This information is crucial for us to integrate SaaS software services into your business infrastructure with minimal problems.

You can count on our expertise with API integration, SaaS application security and compliance

B2B integrations through custom enterprise software

The growing complexity of mobile networks and cloud connectivity means EDI alone is no longer enough. To engage with your customers and partners via digital channels, you will need to modernize EDI and combine it with API and cloud services in a single digital B2B integration solution.


Our web development team has experience building integrations with


checkShipping carriers

checkFinancial organizations





checkReal estate

jw player
google apis

We will add integrations to existing systems or customize a seamless API to expose the services you provide your partners or customers.

networking best practices

We emphasize networking best practices when integrating and implementing APIs/integrations.

web interface

We interface disparate business systems and processes, add web service functionality to existing applications, and synchronize data across applications.


Microservices promise many benefits, including flexible delivery of changes, implementation technology, flexibility, precise scalability, and cloud readiness. These promises align with growing demands from business stakeholders like you for new systems that can adapt to the demands of digital business in highly competitive ecosystems.

enterprise oriented


Microservices style is enterprise-oriented and geared towards flexibility, scalability, and performance.

more robust

More robust

IT team can work on a malfunctioning service while others are still functional, giving the software greater availability.



Developers can use a variety of tools and technology on each service, depending on what is most appropriate for the job at hand.

time efficient

Time efficient

Microservices are fast to develop. Distributed teams work simultaneously on different components.

lower cost

Lower cost

Faster development translates to lower overall costs and a shorter time to market.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Platform as a Service is an innovative approach to software development taking care of basic, repetitive tasks involved in building software.

highly scalable

Highly scalable

best versions of current software and tools

Contains the best versions of current software and tools

high quality tool set

Developers get a high-quality tool set without the hassle

At Bitbean, we use Salesforce solutions to turn ideas into applications faster



checkLightning solutions


checkData migrations


salesforce logo

Salesforce Ideology

Our keen understanding of Salesforce technology helps us to determine whether to use declarative, “clicks not code” or whether Salesforce development is required. We want you to capitalize on your decision to use Salesforce, so we create declarative solutions, which your Salesforce Administrators can manage independently, and only supplement with code as deemed necessary.