Software Development Consulting for Your Business Growth and Success

Choosing the right software development consulting company to address your specific needs is critical to your company’s future. That’s why Bitbean’s expertise and Shifting Perspectives® process looks at every angle of your business to bring you the best solutions. 

Software solutions that understand your challenges

Are you looking for answers to your technology challenges? Do you have any idea the extent of software solutions that exist? Are you struggling with competing in an ever-changing modern and global world of business? Is your industry changing faster than you are? What are your overall strategies moving forward?

Navigating today’s fast-paced, changing business world is stressful. Deciding on the right technology and software solutions shouldn’t take you away from what you know best – your operations. And it doesn’t have to be that way. We know that you have enough to deal with. And because technology is moving faster than most businesses can keep up, Bitbean gives you clarity and direction.

Consulting that provides clarity

Our software development consulting services bring focus and clarity to your toughest business challenges while opening doors to optimal opportunities for growth. We bring over 100+ years of combined expertise along with our proven Shifting Perspectives approach to uncover successful software solutions that solve problems and foster growth. In addition, we operate under the highest ethics and respect your business as we consider your people, processes, and systems—all critical components to a successful venture. Our software solution services include systems strategies, turnkey models, software integration, digital transformation, operations, technology assessment,  and information technology and innovation.

  • Systems Strategies – We assist in aligning your systems to your overall business strategy goals and industry best practices to bring simplicity and accuracy to otherwise complex issues including technology, scale, scope, operational, and organizational considerations.
  • Turnkey Models – We show you how to streamline your current and potentially inefficient processes to reach the goal of automating workflow. We then look at technology and custom software solutions designed to create well-designed and predictable systems. In addition, we will evaluate and assist in updating all operational processes to ensure they are in sync.
  • Software Integration – We help you reach your goals of bringing together and synchronizing information technology as you add new applications, cloud-based solutions, ERP, API, and CRM integration, and more as you upgrade your processes and face integration challenges.
  • Digital Transformation – We guide you through devising and executing a solid, digital business strategy that matches your overall business goals and objectives. We’ll look at all departments and how digital technologies will improve your operations and create additional value and better ROI.
  • Operations – We review applications, programs, and systems to analyze their value in supporting your business practices. We’ll make recommendations to improve, and automate your processes to complete business tasks, reduce and eliminate errors, report activities, and increase overall efficiency.
  • Technology Assessment – We analyze your current applied technologies and business usage within your operations to determine risks, areas for improved performance, and overall business growth. Through statistical analysis we provide insights to the performance of all servers, network components and business workstations to assess their alignment with your business practices and requirements.
  • Information Technology and Innovation – We assess your business and explore available software and technology options to make your business vision become a reality through more efficient processes, improved communication and reporting, and the development of new products and software development services.

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Finding the right software solutions is one of the most important decisions you can make for your company. Bitbean offers a wide array of options to specifically address your business needs. Let’s start a conversation to discover how we can help you.