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Your passion is to keep moving your goal posts. Our passion is to build custom software that builds companies. Our Shifting Perspectives process and selective Teamwork turns both passions into reality.

Shifting Perspectives® provides sharp clarity and insights into your total business structure.

Bitbean’s Shifting Perspectives analytical approach cuts to the core of your company’s process, identifying impediments to growth and maximizing growth potential by pinpointing and targeting new business opportunities. Through deep diving into your industry and business and through harnessing the cutting edge of technology we help you achieve your vision.

Every level of growth creates new challenges

Our experience helps us foresee those challenges and create software that converts those challenges into opportunities. Our goal is to create custom software that helps shape the future and grow Your company long into the future.

We put knowledge before software.

Knowledge of your company, from operational infrastructure to corporate purpose. Knowledge of the industry and competitive stance. Knowledge that enables us to arrive at the truth. We see software as the tool, goal-achieving solutions are the objective.

We define our approach as Shifting Perspectives® . We view the company from every possible perspective. Shifting Perspectives analytical process requires a constant mode of questioning, challenging assumptions, defying the accepted, unraveling the given. Doing so delivers fresh game-changing insights and uncovers opportunities that drive performance and growth.

Our Shifting Perspective teams are a batch of mental tinkerers.

Consistently digging. Consistently scraping away the surface, the obvious, the superfluous. Meandering about a design landscape. Considering. Objecting. Agreeing. Side-stepping the superfluous and irrelevant. creating new pathways to get to the core truth of your current situation and identify the truth of where you want to be, where you should be.

We are diligent about the talent we place on your Bitbean team. Complimentary, seamless teamwork does not happen by simply putting a few people together. It is the cohesive unity of intellect intersecting with creativity that builds the best software product for your business. The individual thinking, diverse talents, and “questioning minds” of your team members, come together in one unified goal of building the best software possible to turn your business vision into a reality.


Our deep diving through Shifting Perspectives into your business gives us the intensive depth of knowledge required to engineer enterprise level software. By understanding the broad panorama of your business, we can implement the software in a way that abstracts over your current and future business concepts/requirements, using the most relevant design patterns. Quality software is a result of harnessing a combination of the industry’s best practices, together with cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of your business. Our expertise in software-engineering, combined with our Shifting Perspectives analysis enables us to create quality software that stands the test of time. Quality software leaves your business with the most flexibility, enabling growth in any direction you choose far into the future, without requiring re-engineering.

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