65% of business executives say lack of mobile functionality has made it
challenging for them and negatively affects company growth

Mobile Development to Spur Business Growth

How important is mobility to your business? Consider that over two-thirds of the world’s population are now mobile device subscribers. And, most of them are smart phone users. So, emerging markets are now targeted by Google and Apple. These big tech companies want to continue this trend of mobile adoption.

Bitbean’s mobile design and development will bring your business to the forefront of this digital tidal wave. Because competing digitally just moved up a notch, we keep your customers engaged on any device or operating system..

Engage Customers on All Devices with Mobile Design

Bitbean’s mobile design ensures your customers engage with your online business or app and stay engaged from any device. Users will enjoy the same positive experience, whether they choose to interact on smart phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. Your improved mobile app is designed to seamlessly adapt to any device and screen size. In addition, Bitbean’s mobile design will provide the same rich user experience regardless of their operating system. By designing with your customers in mind, your mobile-friendly presence will encourage user sharing, and increase usage that leads to conversions. Through rigorous testing and user tracking, we ensure the best possible mobile experience for your customers.

Mobile Responsive Design = More Conversions

More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to research and select companies to do business with. They compare products and services, bookmark their favorites, shop, and choose apps on their mobile devices  that truly understand their needs. Bitbean’s expertise in mobile development uses UX/UI design methods to give customers the best possible user experience. In addition, we use heat mapping and other testing methods to be sure we understand what your customer expects from your app.

Bitbean develops products by using our Shifting Perspectives® approach and proven solution design process to reach user goals and achieve great user experiences. Because the more your customers connect and stay connected with your digital business, the greater chance of conversion. And increased conversions means increased revenue and ROI.

Mobile Development Strategy

Just creating an app and developing mobility is not enough to stay competitive. Bitbean takes the time to truly understand your business goals and help you plan a digital strategy. Our unique Shifting Perspectives® will look at your business from all vantage points and multiple perspectives. We won’t stop until we uncover the best options for business growth and success. By aligning your digital strategy with company goals, you increase the chances for steady revenue streams. Bitbean will explore every department to find how digital technologies can improve your operations, increase value, and create ROI

Because to truly compete in the mobile world, you need to consider all aspects of your business processes. Mobile development should be part of an overall strategy to grow your business and not a “one and done” element added to old ways of doing business.