Business intelligence drives your business decisions

Optimize your outcomes by capitalizing on data strategies and technologies that are designed specifically for the analysis of your business information.

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Latest tools and technologies for gathering and analyzing your data

Supercharge the power of business intelligence (BI) with the right tools and systems to store, access, transform, and analyze your data to understand evolving business landscapes.

checkDashboards and visualization tools

checkActionable reports and data discovery

checkAdvanced analytics tools

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Produce meaningful insights within BI

Make the most of your data collection and analysis to drive the discovery of valuable information that you might have otherwise missed.



Updated in real time, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of your operation with the ability to compare current and historical data. Create easy drag-and-drop charts, graphs, and other visuals to pinpoint data origins and give you customized insights.



Move mountains of raw data and convert them into actionable reports that reveal your operation’s strengths and weaknesses. You’ll be ready to formulate actionable business plans as you pull from multiple sources to generate cross-functional reports to check progress on all departments.

latest technologies

Latest technologies

Explore a wide array of specialized options that can be built into your custom software solution to take your data to the next level. From AI (artificial intelligence) to ML (machine learning), we’ll help you find the right technology for what you want to achieve.

data discovery / data mining

Data discovery / data mining

Give more users the ability to search and reveal patterns of specific items that matter (like high-risk areas) within a data set using heat maps and tables, and geographic imagery. Using search terms, you’ll be able to refine the view and analysis of data.

advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Get more from your data with solutions that include advanced tools to arm you with more insights and predictive solutions than traditional options. Using more automation and analytic accelerators to enhance the process, you’ll have the ability to run sophisticated quantitative analysis.

Maximize your business intelligence strategies

Predictive analytics

Benefit from predictive analysis by digging further into your business potential as your customized software draws on advanced statistical models and machine learning. By automatically sifting through vast amounts of data, you’ll detect patterns to learn from the past and predict future consequences that matter to your business.
predictive analytics
secure online collaboration

Secure online collaboration

By collaborating online you’ll be able to connect and communicate important information to key associates. We’ll develop a secure platform that allows you to create drafts, publish, and share your data reports with your selected audience. In addition, you can hold discussions, comment, and set alerts when outliers or unusual situations arise.

Better storage for better intelligence

We’ll help you find the best data storage solutions and ensure standardized formatting of all data from your business systems for analysis. Whether it’s pulling data directly from source applications like CRMs, or developing a centralized data warehouse, or data storage framework solution, Bitbean can help find the best solution for you.
Better storage for better intelligence

Tap into data options to improve performance

ETL applications

We’ll make sure that your data’s integrity is maintained from the time it’s pulled from original sources, formatted, and all the way through to storage. Our ETL applications will efficiently extract, transform, and load your data into a central database to ensure efficiency.

Embedded analytics

Bitbean will connect all of your data by directly integrating BI into users’ daily workflow, transactional business applications, products, and web portals as you deliver important insights through data visualization, reports, dashboards, and more to customers.

In-memory database

Increase application performance exponentially when accessing your information with a data management system that utilizes RAM for data storage as opposed to disk or hard drive processing. Response time will be dramatically reduced as you won’t have to access disks.