Entrepreneurial Passion Versus Reality. Who Wins?

      Entrepreneurial Passion Versus Reality. Who Wins?

      Chase your passion. That’s where you’ll find success. The thinking is passion is what drives you to forge ahead. Overcome obstacles. Face uncertainties. Face-up to failures. Chase your passion and you’re that Energizer bunny that keeps on going and going.

      The flip side of passion

      And, then there’s the flip side. Passion blinds you to realities. Assumptions guide you, they become the foundation for decisions. Passion has you believing in yourself, when perhaps you need to step back and realistically view your strengths and weaknesses.

      In all likelihood, passion in business is a double-edged sword. There are losers and winners. Losers fade away. Winners get on the covers of business magazines.

      Harrison Fugman chased his passion

      I found my interview with Harrison Fugman intriguing. Career wise he seemed to be sitting on the catbird seat, head of Credit Suisse’s Venture Capital Coverage business, VP at 26. He doesn’t mention it in the interview, but I’m sure he had the 5-star perks.

      Yet, Harrison walked away from all of that. For what….?

      His passion to be an entrepreneur. He had it in his blood at a young age, selling wallets he imported from China to school mates in high school. Passion set his course for the future.

      “My background as a foodie…”

      Throughout my time in finance, I was consistently looking for my next business venture and wanted to be sure it was something that I was incredibly passionate about. My background as a foodie and health & wellness maniac, combined with my time at Credit Suisse, led me to become giddy over the opportunity to get involved in the food & beverage space.

      Passion vs. security

      So, there you have it. Passion and risk versus security and certainty. Giddiness gleefully resolved when he and his partners started ‘The Naked Market’ developing, manufacturing, and selling original, healthy snacks catering to the millennial market. And being successful at it.

      Round one – passion.

      Round two – Covid-19 steps into the ring.

      Everyone has been hit by Covid-10. But young, entrepreneurial companies lack the ‘been there, done that’ experience. Lack the alternative supply lines. Lack the alternative solutions that develop over having been in business for a long time.

      So how is passion standing up to reality? If you’re an entrepreneur, you definitely want to know. Check out my interview with Harrison Fugman.