The Next Big Thing in Custom Software Could be Your Business

      The Next Big Thing in Custom Software Could be Your Business

      What’s the next big thing in custom software development trends? The real question is, what’s the next big thing for your business and what software will support that?

      Often times, winning ideas come from innovative businesses trying to solve a problem. Sometimes they’re born from the frustration that comes with legacy or prepackaged software that doesn’t go the extra mile. It may even force you to change business practices to match the software, but not in a good way.

      Amazing custom software may even be useful for a side project. Here are some great examples to get you started on your next big thing in custom software.

      Understand the Customer to Innovate Your Business

      If you’ve ever looked through the eyes of your customers, you know the importance of a fulfilling and painless buying experience. Reaching the end game to satisfy their needs through a smooth customer journey means the difference between winning or losing new and repeat business.

      An example of business innovation is the battle between Netflix and DVD rental giant, Blockbuster. Netflix was passionate about the customer experience leading to the development of a subscription service that didn’t penalize its customers with late fees.

      Netflix founder Reed Hastings also had a vision–one that would eventually transform their DVD-by-mail service to a successful online streaming platform. Early on, in 2005, he expressed to Inc his vision for the company’s future: “We want to be ready when video-on-demand happens. That’s why the company is called Netflix, not DVD-by-Mail.”

      The latest software development trends often occur when you look ahead like Hastings did. Seeing the way your industry is evolving and understanding customer demographics and psychographics can help you determine what software will serve your business best.

      Frustration Can Lead to Opportunity

      We’ve all experienced frustration in our personal lives, but your business can also cause frustrations. Thankfully, frustration can be the source of many great business innovations that come from normal folks trying to solve a problem.

      Consumers are the same. They head to the internet in search of solutions to their problems until they find the answer. As a business, acknowledging those consumer frustrations as they are searching can humanize and legitimize your business.

      For example, the trends in transportation lead to the success of Uber and Lyft offering rides with the push of a button. And many large retail chains are now rivaling Amazon to bring goods to your door. To compete and innovate, these companies had to learn what the latest software trends were, and how they could elevate them to suit their business goals.

      Aaron Patzer, the founder of Web-based personal finance service, had his own problems managing money, even though he used Quicken and Microsoft Money. So, he decided to develop better software, calling it It’s simple, free, and accessible platform successfully helped people with budgeting and money management, leading to a big payback when Patzer sold Mint to Intuit for $170 million dollars. He essentially developed a software trend, all because he was frustrated about his own finances.

      Tapping into your own emotions, and those of your customers can be a valuable way of understanding specific pain points to be solved. Without knowing what needs to be solved, innovation likely won’t occur.

      Sometimes, as you move towards your business goals, other projects spring up to help get you there–and sometimes that side project ends up becoming your success story.

      Some great examples of companies that grew out of an innovative side project include Hubspot, Slack, Twitter, Instagram, Groupon, Houzz, and Craigslist.

      Hubspot’s founder, Dharmesh Shah, for example, started his blog after selling his first startup. What he describes as a “tiny blog with no budget” caught on and is now worth an estimated $2 billion. Or, what about Twitter that grew out of a “tiny side project created by a podcasting platform?”

      If you’ve had a weird idea, don’t be surprised if others have too. It may be worth developing, even if it’s not your main project. Custom software development services can be helpful in taking your little idea to the next level.

      Be the Next Big Thing in Custom Software!

      Keeping your customers happy will help your business thrive. Not compromising your products or services will move you ahead of the competition. But being innovative has the potential of turning your industry on its head.

      Rather than staying on the sidelines, you could create a whole new way of doing business. With support from Bitbean, you could be the next big software development trend. Connect with us and share your story!