5 Sure Signs You Need New Software

      5 Sure Signs You Need New Software

      Is it time to consider new software? Your business is consistently running in fifth gear. Day in and day out new challenges come up. You find yourself putting out fires, finding solutions, rallying the troops, or building teams. Your goal is to move mountains or at least get to the top of the mountain and leave your competitors behind. But as you quickly go through each day, you may notice that something seems to be dragging, especially in the software department. Maybe you can’t generate the type of reports you really need. Or you notice that your employees are not using certain aspects of your programs.

      What to look for

      So, how do you know the true signs that scream your systems needs replacement? Here’s are signals to know it’s time to literally “reboot” your system and consider custom software:

      • You’ve outgrown your current system.

      For most of us, it might be easier to determine when it’s time to get a new building to accommodate more employees than to figure out your software needs. But once you learn that your software system is limiting how you do business and that employees need to take extra steps to complete a task, it becomes clear that your software isn’t up to par. And if you think your software isn’t cutting it now, it will only worsen as time goes on. It may be helpful to think about future growth as well and consider looking into custom software solutions that takes current and future needs into consideration.

      • Your existing software doesn’t do what you want it to do.

      As your business brings new services and products to market, your old software may lack the flexibility to adapt to the changes. This can be especially true if you are using an out-of-the-box solution. To make matters worse, the more processes and products that you add to your business to improve your customer’s experience, the more likely that your old, outdated software can’t keep up. Ultimately, workarounds to force fit a new process can stunt productivity. In this situation, you should consider custom software that is built for your way of doing things and is adaptable as you continue to change and grow.

      • Where’s the innovation?

      So, you’ve recently noticed that your competitors seem to have the latest and greatest ways of capturing information. Or maybe they are communicating better with potential customers, not to mention displaying products on their website. At this point, you may realize that you are behind the times and eating their dust. And that could pose a problem for your business. When it comes to technology, you’ll want to stay ahead of the pack, especially when it comes to customer experiences. Look for technology solutions to be as innovative as your business. Better yet, customize the experience to really pass up the competition.

      • Problems with compatibility.

      Integrating software with your current systems can easily turn into a nightmare, especially if you previously invested in off-the-shelf software. Reconsider the idea of making seemingly impossible improvements and instead look for a custom solution that can bring together a seamless platform designed with your unique goals in mind.

      • Security issues.

      Securing your system is more important than ever. Unfortunately, if you are using prepackaged, open source solutions, you are leaving your business susceptible to hackers. Open source is just like it sounds, open, and therefore available to anyone who has access. This means limited protection for you and your business.

      Find the best solution for your business

      Leaving your business in the hands of inefficient software can spell trouble. Start finding resolution by exploring your many options. Set priorities for making key changes to your software or replacing it altogether. Ultimately, you may find that the best solution is one that is built to work the way you do while fueling the momentum of your business growth.

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