How to Find the Best Software Developer for Your Business

      How to Find the Best Software Developer for Your Business

      Perhaps you have a killer software idea that you’re sure will take your business to the next level, and now you’re ready to get things rolling. Great! But who do you turn to? You’ll need a custom software developer.

      Yet, finding the right software developer can be tricky. Where do you even start? Many companies make promises of ROI from software solutions, but which one is right for you? Which one will be able to take your idea and make it happen?

      Before you choose, take time to detail your ideas so that you can walk someone else through it. Finding the right developer begins with knowing where you see your project and your business five years from now and beyond. Start by asking yourself a few important questions.

      Investing in Custom Software

      Developing custom software takes time, energy, and money. It’s not something you can simply order from a vendor, but something that requires the knowledge of a highly skilled developer.

      For example, if you order a fleet of custom trucks, you may have a list of pre-designed options or features that work with the original truck design. With custom software you are, in essence, starting from scratch. Your project may actually be more complex than you realize and demand more of your time than you’re willing to give. Your ideal software developer should help you work through these aspects of the project and guide you through the options.

      1. Is the Scope of the Project Realistic?

      Starting a custom software development project, like any new endeavor, will have its challenges. The more complex the project, the more time it will take to develop and resolve any setbacks.

      These are the types of things a good software developer will explore with you—things you may not have thought of, such as:

      • Infrastructure issues/integrations
      • Effective code development
      • Awareness around the latest software development trends
      • Realistic timeline

      An experienced developer will understand these challenges and confidently offer support where needed so your project goes smoothly.

      2. Will Your Software Enhance Your Business?

      If you’re taking the time to invest in new software, you’ll want to ensure that it will help your business accomplish its goals and grow. Research to see if there are already products that serve a similar purpose as your idea. Knowing what software is currently available will help you to develop software that fills gaps and serves your needs best.

      It may also help you and your custom software developer create solutions that positively disrupt your industry and help establish your business as a leader.

      3. Will This Software Provide Value?

      Knowing how this new software concept will work once it’s developed is only the beginning. Consider your customers and how it will improve their experience. Will it make it easier, faster, more personal? Will it enhance the customer journey and lead to more engagement, leads, or sales? And, will it improve your internal processes enough to warrant its development? A trusted custom software developer will help you explore the possibilities.

      4. What is the ROI of New Software Solutions?

      It’s not enough to stand in the glow of a great new app or simply save 10 seconds per business transaction. Your new software should do more. It should help save you money or even create new revenue and, just like any other business investment, should eventually pay for itself.

      Determining ROI will require cost estimates from your software developer for the project, as well as insight into the length of project development and time estimate to recover the cost of your investment.

      5. Does Your Software Have Longevity?

      Determining whether your concept may be just a passing fad or part of an overall vision for your company’s future is critical. It’s also important for your developer to see and understand where you plan on taking your business down the road and if this new idea will be part of its success.

      Find a Qualified Custom Software Developer

      Now that you’ve assessed your software idea, what about that software developer search? Where do you begin to look?

      Your company’s future is important, so take care in srals from your networks and ask others who they selected and why. Was the experience successful?

      Once you’ve created a shortlist of developers, do your homework. Take a look at their website for what they specialize in, read reviews and testimonials. Look for articles, videos, press releases, and other communication to help understand their customer philosophy and if they are a good fit for you.

      Finally, consider software development consulting. If they offer a free consultation, consider meeting with them to see if it’s a good fit and ask how they approach their consulting and development services. Bitbean loves helping businesses discover software solutions, so contact us to learn more about how we can you develop your idea.

      Contact Bitbean for help on your next project.