How to Lead When Your Employees Are on the Frontline of the Covid-19 Crisis

      How to Lead When Your Employees Are on the Frontline of the Covid-19 Crisis

      Front liners are our heroes. We gripe about shelter-in, they’re out there with no shelter. The risks are high and too many have paid the price. Yet, they’re out there day after day. What keeps them going? How do they face their natural fears? Behind their masks they are fathers and mothers with families to care for and worry about. Behind their masks their no less human, no more invincible than you and eye. So, what keeps them motivated?

      Eye of the storm.

      This was one of the critical issues Alyssa Rapp, CEO of Surgical Solutions shared during my recent interview. 

      We as a firm have 200+ frontline healthcare workers operating in 30 hospitals in 9 states. Many experiences the natural fears of entering those hospitals as Covid-19 was on the first rise, especially our 70 team members in the eye of the storm in New York City.

      Speak to the heart.

      So how do you inspire your team when they’re in the eye of the storm? Over communicate, rather than under communicate. Be transparent. Be honest and straightforward even when the truth isn’t ideal. These are just a few of the effective solutions Alyssa shared.

      Underlying her solutions is not just whip-smart intelligence and extensive leadership experience, but true humanity. The ability to see beneath the masks of her healthcare front liners. The ability to speak to the heart as well as to the mind.

      Keeping a perfect balance.

      We often get so embroiled in the crisis we lose sight of the fundamentals particularly when the stakes are huge. And none can be huger than the lives of frontline workers and the patients who depend on them. Alyssa has the skill to keep that perfect balance. Something we can all learn from. So, here’s to Alyssa and her everyday heroes at Surgical Solutions. I tip my hat.

      The future for entrepreneurs.

      Alyssa has equally sharp insights why the future bodes extremely well for entrepreneurs. “There is no question in my mind that there will be great winners and great losers in businesses as a result of Covid-19”. Corid-19 might provide the greatest opportunity for economic disruption to start-ups across America, greater than they have ever seen — and greater than they might ever see again”.

      Her interview is loaded with valuable solutions to leading during crisis, and insights into how entrepreneurs will lead the way post Corvid-19.