1 million hours of Torah. Anytime. Anywhere.

      1 million hours of Torah. Anytime. Anywhere.

      Missed Rabbi Wallerstein’s Torah lecture last night? Long drive to your fun 25th high school reunion? What about that 33 minute wait to see Dr. Fleishman…for a headache?

      Grab your other Airpod, because the new Torah Anytime’s brand new app is here. Now you can access over 1 million hours of Torah right from your phone.

      The Bitbean Way

      Having built several custom media streaming apps, the Bitbean app development team was up for the challenge. Our team has extensive experience in the many nuanced code requirements unique to app development. Defensive coding techniques were used in order to optimize load times and to handle for sketchy internet connections. To create a seamless listening experience, we solutioned for inevitable interruptions, such as incoming calls and media played from other open apps. In addition, we implemented new features to support background playing and bluetooth streaming. 

      Five Below

      The Torah Anytime app was optimized for an easy-to-use Torah learning experience, with every lecture designed to be less than five taps away from the home page. Additionally, we included new features, like car mode, offline play and audio and video bookmarks. (users can go right back to where they left off in a lecture.) 

      A powerful app that stays true to its name. Torah. Anytime. 

      In just three month, the new app has been downloaded 25,000+ times (8,100+ on the Google Play Store and 17,300+ on the Apple App Store). With over 2,000 reviews, it is ranked 5 stars on Google and 4.9 stars on Apple!

      Want to see what all the hype is about? Download the app here.