The Commercial Real Estate Industry and Information Overload

      The Commercial Real Estate Industry and Information Overload

      The Commercial Real Estate industry has long recognized the value of information that removes decision making from the sphere of instinct and speculation to one of absolutes.

      The information is there. And, it continues to grow thanks to the growing number of platforms that supply information.  

      But as the information grows the problem of how to make effective use of the information grows. How do you convert information into golden nuggets of opportunities?

    • How is the information integrated into a Commercial Real Estate companies core process
    • Is the information current
    • Is the information delivered with sufficient speed to remain current and relevant
    • Ability to analyze opportunities hidden in the information
    • The relevancy, and reliability of the information
    • Creating value from numbers requires more than a haphazard accumulation of spreadsheets. Trying to uncover viable insights from a plethora of spreadsheets that do not integrate efficiently with your company’s process is a nightmarish, if not impossible, effort.

      Accessing the available information through a process that exponentially increases the effectiveness of that store house of information through efficient and effective integration with your company process is vital to optimizing the potential of a Commercial Real Estate investment.

      An astonishing 2.5 billion quintillion bytes of data are created every day. It has affected every industry, including Commercial Real Estate. The problem confronting the industry today is not the availability of information, it is finding the true value of the information.

      Most Commercial Real Estate processes for accumulating, storing and distributing information are typically fragmented. A combination of the old ways of doing thing, the old way of thinking, combined with the ever-growing platforms providing information creates a torturous path for processing and integration.

      With deep experience in the Commercial Real Estate industry, Bitbean excels in creating customized Commercial Real Estate software, built to enhances your company’s process, and turn raw information into nuggets of opportunities.

      Bitbean can customize software to meet a wide range of process criteria.

      The following is a short list of possibilities.

    • Tracking and analyzing real-time building data to help keep portfolios up-to-date without having to continuously manually check and input data
    • Accessing the many portals of information in a process that makes retrieving the information simple and quick.
    • Comprehensive information on buyers, so your sales force, can see current  buyers their interest, and what sales strategy will be most effective.
    • Providing a single system where your data is stored and is readily available to anyone who can access your data through any device. No more haphazard searching
    • Eliminate the guesswork, and assumptions so conclusions can be reached and decisions made based on verified, analytical data.
    • Speed up the decision making process so you can take advantage of opportunities before they are identified by other Commercial Real Estate companies.
    • Getting the paper work and documents required for loan approval speedily by reducing time required to evaluate and process a loan.
    • Reduce necessary research time to identify interested buyers by compiling and integrating into your process listing information, tenant research and market trends.
    • Create compelling presentations to lenders that enable them to reach positive decisions very quickly.
    • We identify and create custom software for your specific needs. Our software is true to your business, because we do not template software, but deep dive into understanding your business.

      Our Shifting Perspectives® Process Unlocks The Value Of Your Information

      We call our process of enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of your process Shifting Perspectives®.

      Our Shifting Perspectives analytical approach cuts to the core of your company’s process, identifying impediments to information gathering, storage and distribution in your current information processing.

      Through Shifting Perspectives we Create an information strategy and roadmap

    • What are your goals?
    • What resources of information are available to be utilized to maximize your data knowledge.
    • How will information flow through your process through your organization.
    • What specified information needs to flow to management.
    • How will information inflow be kept current.
    • How will you forecast the potential ROI of an investment.
    • Success in Commercial Real Estate depends on access to and effective use of timely information delivered swiftly to enable seeing and closing profitable opportunities.

      Bitbean has the knowledge and experience to accomplish that for you. Helping Eastern Union achieve $5 billion in transactions, and be recognized as a dominant Commercial Real Estate company in lower to mid-level transactions demonstrates what Bitbean custom software can do for you.

      Our experience in the Commercial Real Estate industry has given us a unique perspective of your industry. We understand the challenges and understand how to create software that responds to those challenges, as well as expand your access to an ever increasing flow of opportunities. Reach out, we want to help you.

      Contact us today for your FREE Consultation! Let’s talk about how we can help you grow.