Top Custom Software Development Trends That Will Dominate 2020

      Top Custom Software Development Trends That Will Dominate 2020

      Technology evolves continuously as we strive to create improved solutions and products by constantly researching and innovating. In the digital era, software development trends undergo constant change alongside rapid changes and advances in technologies.

      However, creating the best, most efficient, fastest, and advanced algorithms and software is not easy without using the latest software development technologies. In recent years, we have seen companies adopt promising software trends and technologies that have driven the phenomenal growth of not only the IT industry but virtually every other.

      Evolving software development trends help businesses keep pace with progress that is inevitable in every sector. More and more companies today understand the significance of uniquely tailored software solutions that help improve their sustainability by staying ahead of competitors.

      To create the right software solutions that help businesses grow, developers need to continuously learn in an age that is marked by the arrival of new technological and software development trends almost every day. To help you stay abreast of the latest advancements, we explore some amazing trends in custom software development that are most likely to dominate 2020. Are you ready to forge ahead?

      1. Mixed Reality

      young woman using a virtual reality headset

      Mixed Reality is the combination of two emerging technologies: virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). VR has been used in gaming and entertainment and has also found new applications in other sectors like retail and military. Wal-Mart’s use of VR for training its employees in 2017 was one of the most anticipated moves. Today, VR headsets are used to test store employees for management positions by virtually placing them in real-life situations like calming an irate customer or guiding new employees. Training is not the only VR application; companies are also using VR in 3D design and collaboration.

      Similarly, AR has shown tremendous scope in mobile apps and will continue to drive technological progress. There’s likely to be a surge in AR driven apps as more companies develop their own customized applications to expand their customer base. Techjury suggests that by 2020 there will be 1 billion AR users alone.

      2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

      It’s no surprise that AI – one of the most successful and popular software development trends over the last few years – continues to power software solutions in every industry. Artificial intelligence has helped businesses automate tedious or difficult tasks that take humans too long to complete. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, computers can now be made to think and even act like humans. AI programmed machines and software have been adopted in a wide range of industries, including the healthcare, SaaS, logistics, and automotive industries.

      AI programmed solutions have found their way into business operations by streamlining and automating highly complex and time-consuming tasks. Most importantly, AI has helped increase the accuracy of cumbersome and challenging business functions like bookkeeping and accounting by reducing the risks of human error. AI driven custom software solutions will be the norm as they add tremendous value to day-to-day operations and business functions, helping organizations realize their business goals in a fraction of the time taken by humans and with almost 100% accuracy. In the digital age, AI provides deep insights into business and customer data that help companies make strategic business decisions.

      3. Internet of Things (IoT)

      The next big thing in custom software development trends is IoT, which is related to the technology that inter-connects IoT enabled devices to ‘sense’, collect, and exchange data over a network without human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction. It enables data processing at a fast pace and an affordable rate. The network includes sensors that ‘talk’ to the cloud and prompt required actions. These actions include setting the temperature of a room at a given level or sending an alert for the replenishment of supplies.

      IoT shows tremendous potential in a variety of applications like automobiles, transportation, supply chain management, customer service, and safety management. The number of devices and machines that will be connected via the internet is supposed to grow exponentially in the coming years. To get a sense of its potential, consider Statista’s forecast: the market for IoT worldwide was around 164 billion U. S. dollars in 2018 and is expected to reach about 1.6 trillion U.S. dollars by 2025!

      4. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

      A progressive web application is one of the brightest web development trends. PWAs embrace the best of mobile and web applications, providing enhanced functionalities and capabilities. A hybrid of web and mobile apps, PWAs are quite different from regular applications in terms of their features. They possess the look of native mobile applications while they function like traditional apps.

      PWAs offer significant benefits, including the fact that they are much simpler and easier to build but and maintain. Additionally, they provide an enhanced and seamless user experience across all devices. They can load surprisingly fast even on low internet speeds.

      Some other benefits offered by PWAs are higher conversions and increased user engagement through background updating, push notifications, and smart caching. It’s no wonder that this software development trend is being adopted by companies in a variety of sectors like travel, media, banking, and healthcare.

      5. Blockchain

      There has been a considerable buzz around blockchain – one of the latest software development trends. A blockchain is comprised of blocks of data that are interconnected to form a chain, in which new blocks can be added. It’s a distributed ledger across a network of various computers that enable data to be stored in a way that it cannot be copied or modified. Most importantly, it provides data protection and security in an extremely cost-efficient and timely manner as it doesn’t require costly intermediaries.

      Since Blockchain provides data security, it can be used to protect sensitive financial, customer, and business data. Owing to its ability to protect data, its primary application at one point was in software solutions for the banking and finance sector; however, now it’s finding widespread use in software for healthcare, media, and publishing fields.

      Its popularity among businesses is only expected to increase due to the need for protecting the colossal amount of sensitive information that businesses need to protect.

      6. Language Trends

      New programming languages are developed in tandem with the development of new software technologies. In other words, new languages will be required as long as there are new technologies. So this is a software development trend that will never be out of fashion. Naturally, choosing the right programming language is critical to the success of software.

      That said, there are some languages and frameworks that remain consistently popular. Java Script is a prime example of a widely preferred language due to its versatility as it can be used in gaming and desktop apps and for creating dynamic and interactive user experiences.

      7. Low Code Development

      Low code development doesn’t require expertise as it eliminates the need for complex code. It is believed to help clients better understand their project as it’s devoid of complex code solutions. With the help of low code development, clients can even tailor code to their exact requirements, leading to a better software product.

      Not all types of software development projects are suited to low code development. Some software solutions are inherently complex by nature and their success would depend on the ability to create well-developed and structured solutions that may require complex code. This requirement would of course require developers with extensive knowledge and expertise. Therefore, while this is a software development trend that shows potential, it may not be suited to all requirements.

      8. Cyber Security

      One of the most crucial requirements of the digitalized economy is cyber security. As most business and consumer transactions are made online, security breaches can lead to massive losses, impacting a business’s profitability and sustainability.

      There are various threats to privacy and security along with breaches of confidentiality that software solutions should address. A critical requirement of software development today is creating foolproof solutions for internal as well as external security, which will help protect businesses and consumers alike.

      The software development trend of adding security safeguards to applications and websites will continue to dominate in 2020. Many businesses are waking up to the promise of custom software solutions that protect the vulnerability of all concerned parties to data loss. Statista states that in a May 2019 survey of global companies, it was revealed that the average financial loss experienced by them was a whopping 4.7 million U.S. dollars.

      The latest software development trends underline the importance of custom software solutions that not only meet business goals and requirements but also ensure safety, security, connectivity, and adaptability. Businesses who don’t take advantage of these trends are likely to be left behind in the highly competitive race.

      If your organization hasn’t yet tapped into the potential of custom software solutions to meet its business goals, it’s never too late. Bitbean is an innovative custom software development company. We deliver high-quality software solutions that help businesses scale by helping them realize their unexplored potential in the digital world. Contact us to speak to one of our representatives today!