Toughening It Out Isn’t the Answer in the Service Industry

      Toughening It Out Isn’t the Answer in the Service Industry

      How far would you go to keep your business operating? Would you collect empty bottles, fill a garbage bag and bring it in for a refund? Or, would you throw in the towel? You chart a direction for your business, have a clear purpose, and then somewhere along the ride, life steps in. Your sideswiped by reality. Oh, the absurdity!

      A persistent pair

      Dr. Shawn Dill and Dr. Lacey Book, chiropractors and life partners, lived that absurdity. They stumbled. They rode the roller-coaster. They persisted. The outcome is a multi-faceted success. Chiropractic franchises. A consulting business for service providers. And a SaaS platform for healthcare providers.

      What you can learn

      If you’re in service business, there’s a lot to learn from my interview with them.

      First, it isn’t about guts or determination. It isn’t about sucking it in. Life doesn’t necessarily reward you because you toughen it out. The highway of failure is littered with those who tried to bulldoze their way to success.

      Dr. Dill seems to take an opposing view:  “Entrepreneurs have a passion to press through and believe in their business so much that they make sacrifices. Champions have a passion to win. They practice day after day and sacrifice just to win that trophy. Maybe it is inborn.”

      He continued…

      What I know for sure is that someone with a clear vision and a drive to succeed literally cannot be stopped. Setbacks, failure, pain and suffering are all a part of life. They are a part of the journey. There is no daylight without darkness.

      Seems to contradict my statement that brazing it out will leave you flailing about in foggy bottom. Well, maybe not. Grab a hold of that phrase “with a clear vision.” There in lies the secret. Drs. Dill and Book have a very clear vision of how to succeed in the service business.

      The story continues…

      The interview is layered with multiple insights. Enough to keep you thinking, absorbing, and integrating long after you put down the interview. My best advice – if you are not thrilled with the idea of collecting empty soda bottles to keep your doors open, deep dive into this interview. It’s a journey worth taking.

      Do so, and very likely the bottles you collect will be champagne bottles.