Bitbean’s Success in Transforming Companies

From the time he was a camp program coordinator at the age of 25, Ephraim Arnstein knew the power of problem solving and forging successful relationships. Now, as CEO of Bitbean, the experiences of his long-gone camp days have become the basis for his company’s mission. With every client, the relentless objective is to find the best solutions and innovations for their business.

Going to the heart of the story

In a recent article, How Bitbean is Transforming Companies Worldwide, Arnstein discussed when and why clients come to Bitbean. Sometime, they are desperate for help after other unsuccessful attempts to solve their problem. But no matter how many previous software vendors a company has tried before coming to Bitbean, Arnstein’s process goes beyond what others offer. “We go to the heart of the story so we’re not just building something, [but] we’re helping the founder accomplish a true vision,” says Arnstein.

Transforming an entire donor process

As mentioned in the article, a great example of this client dedication is Bitbean’s work on Chabad’s Grand Draw fundraising system. Bitbean transformed the entire donor process to make it “quicker and simpler.” The rebuild of Chabad’s systems helped them to raise more money than ever through their international initiative involving 500 universities.

Read more about Bitbean and the Chabad project in Mishpacha.


Posted by Linda DeCarvalho