LinkedIn Meetup NYC Powered by Bitbean a Networking Vehicle for Success

      LinkedIn Meetup NYC Powered by Bitbean a Networking Vehicle for Success

      LinkedIn Meetup NYC (#linkedinmeetupnyc) was proudly powered by Bitbean on August 1, 2018. And it was a great networking success! Held at Grand Prospect Hall Brooklyn, the large number of participants enjoyed endless networking possibilities along with food and festivities. Attendees met new contacts, reconnected with old ones, and heard from select speakers who energized and inspired the audience. Motivating speakers included Berel Solomon (Wealthy Commercials), Suzanne Spaner (Meeting Matchmakers), Avigail Eisenstadt (AE Design Group), and Michael Spence – Boost Your Brand (Coaching Performance Results). Their message to find value in connecting in person with so many LinkedIn members at once rang loud and clear. Powered by Bitbean, this LinkedIn Meetup NYC gave networkers an opportunity to reveal the true professionals behind those LinkedIn profiles.

      The power behind the individual

      If you ever been to Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn, you’ve felt the vastness of this beautiful Victorian backdrop. In 1892, John Koelle, a local entrepreneur, hired a young architect to build this amazing banquet hall. The young architect, Ulrich J. Huberty, was also the creator of Prospect Park’s renowned boathouse, tennis house, and Litchfield Villa. Two individuals came together, from different vantage points, to create something wonderful to share. Each needed each other to make it happen.

      Each of us in business possesses something of value that another business needs. So, it’s important to learn what’s behind each of those LinkedIn profiles. And as such, it’s important to realize that every voice counts. What makes each of us unique? It’s our distinctiveness that makes our business special. It defines who we are, which is why it’s important to stay true to ourselves. After all, it’s you that ultimately makes or breaks your business. It’s you who makes the sale. You have a unique brand. It’s that amazing product or service that has the potential to move others forward on their path to success as well as your own.

      The power of networking

      As CEO for a software development company, I am sensitive to the reality that we all need each other to succeed. Our world requires collaboration and cooperation, particularly in business. This is how we make things happen. But we also need multiple perspectives to make a viable team. (Not everyone can be the pitcher.) That’s why Bitbean sponsors events like LinkedIn Meetup NYC. Networking gives us an avenue to meet those multiple perspectives as well as those who share our business goals. It provides the opportunities to connect and illuminates the good that comes from building relationships. And with those relationships, we increase options to grow our business.

      How you make the difference

      As we network, we look to connect with those who share our values, We seek out businesses who honor the individual. At the same time, we all want to do business with those who will keep their promise. We look for integrity in the person and in their business. It’s what we do and what our businesses offer that makes a real difference moving forward.

      It is our ultimate responsibility as business leaders to move our business, our society, and our world in a positive direction. Being part of a greater good to benefit our businesses, our lives, and our world should always be our guiding light. So, although events like LinkedIn Meetup NYC might be powered by Bitbean or other organizations, it’s clearly the individuals who represent their businesses that truly make the event.

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