7 Ways Software Development Can Help Your Business

      7 Ways Software Development Can Help Your Business

      There comes a time for all ambitious, driven entrepreneurs, where software development becomes a priority, or at least, a major issue that occupies your busy, mile-a-minute professional consciousness 

      You normally start thinking about custom software because of your lofty goals and vision.  

      You have a plan for the value and service you deliver to the world. You have a clear idea of where you want to be and where you want to go. Put simply, you want to grow and nurture what you started into becoming what you intended: a thriving, successful business.   

      Regardless of your industry, you start to suspect that software development and a custom solution will be a catalyst for that growth and success, more than any off-the-shelf software can. 

      In this article, we highlight 7 specific ways software development can help passionate business owners just like you move their goals forward to achieve their ultimate vision. 

      How Software Development Helps Your Business

      Software development or a custom solution is applicable to any industry and any company. 

      It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it’s the tool or key that helps ambitious companies scale and grow to become the industry leaders they set out to be.  

      Here then, are 7 crucial ways software development can help you improve your bottom line.     

      1. Simplify Your Tech Stack to Drive Growth and Scalability

      Dynamic companies, regardless of their industry, always have diverse operational requirements that are addressed with a combination of commercial solutions. 

      Marketing processes and automation, sales management, ticketing, customer outreach, customer relationship management – you probably have a unique tool or solution to manage all those essential practices that a company must perform.  

      robust tech stack adds a lot of complexity, not to mention a logistical web that is difficult to manage and control. It also presents scaling challenges.  

      As you grow, your needs will most likely outgrow the current solutions you use to do business, stunting growth and presenting barriers when you’re ready to scale and achieve your dreams.  

      Software development can manage this complexity by providing a simple, tailored solution that targets the unique needs of your business. More importantly, investing in custom software development allows you to create a solution that can change and adapt to your business needs as your company grows 

      This fluidity and harmony, made possible by investing in custom software, will allow you to scale and keep fueling your bottom line to get you to the top of your industry where you belong.  

      2. Save Time and Money 

      Your company is a living, breathing entity. You brought it to life the day you opened your doors for business. Like any living thing, it evolves.  

      Think about your headcount when you started and your headcount now.  

      As you’ve grown, you’ve probably used several different pieces of software to help you along the way.  

      Think about the time and energy you’ve invested into researching different off-the-shelf solutions, executing a cost analysis, testing them, and then adopting them, performing all the necessary training for you and the rest of your team.  

      Now think about all the subsequent commercial solutions, new versions, and more that you’ll need to test and integrate as your needs change and your requirements evolve. 

      Albert Einstein famously said, “A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.” 

      Investing in software development eliminates the countless hours you’ll need to spend testing new solutions because you’ve either outgrown your current software or because it’s become outdated.  

      Instead, you’ll have custom software that’s built according to what you really need to grow right now and has the flexibility to change as you change.     

      3Become More Efficient by Integrating and Centralizing All Your Systems

      You’ve built something special – your team, your company, your business. That means internally, you might also have a lot of assets and individuals to coordinate.   

      You have a Finance team to control your invoicing and operational overhead, an HR team to fuel your growth with talented professionals and nurture your culture, a Sales team to help others see the value you created, and a Support team to mitigate customer pressure points and address requests.  

      All these necessary elements that make up your organization are probably using a different piece of software to perform their day-to-day, and yet, like any business, they probably communicate and rely on each other quite a bit.  

      Commercial software can be rigid when it comes to integrating with the different systems your organization uses, preventing growth by complicating processes that should be simple and streamlined.  

      With software development and a custom solution, you define your integration points so you can connect all your teams and systems, streamlining your processes, and paving the way to the top by making scaling easier and organic. 

      4. Gain Software That Evolves as You Evolve

      When you invest in software development, you build something just for you – for your unique needs and requirements.  

      That makes your custom software incredibly flexible and modifiable. You can build on top of it and tweak it. It can evolve as you evolve.  

      You have ambition and a vision. Your drive will ensure that your company will not be the same today as it will be in two years’ time.  

      With software development, you gain a custom solution that can evolve as your needs and requirements do, to foster growth instead of impeding it.  

      5Get the Right Software for Your Needs 

      It’s been a common thread throughout this article: software development can help drive your business forward because its sole purpose is to address your specific needs and requirements.  

      You define what you need it to dothe problems and challenges it needs to solve to accelerate and fuel the growth you know you’re capable of, and it will do just that.  

      It removes the unavoidable crossroads that commercial solutions present, where some of them might fulfill your essential needs and functionalities, but never all of them.  

      Investing in software development delivers all of your ‘must haves’ or the essential features and integrations you require to take you to that next level and keep driving you forward.  

      6Reduce Financial Complexity

      Managing all the different software you require to keep delivering your passion and fulfill your mission can be a logistical headache from a financial perspective.  

      Different payment structures modeled on monthly, annual or user basis with varying licensing policies usually requires a dedicated resource just to manage and control that tangled web. 

      Software development easily remedies this.  

      While there’s an initial investment to be made, custom software can eradicate the heavy burden finance teams must carry to manage commercial licensing and recurring invoices with one elegant solution built just for you.  

      7Scale Quicker

      This is perhaps the most relevant and important way software development can help any business.  

      You want to take your company to the next level – to grow and then continue to grow.  

      We know that scaling is hard. It presents a lot of challenges incurred as growing pains.  

      Software development encourages and drives growth. It harnesses your momentum and gives you the support required to:  

    • Drive your business forward  
    • Bring your product or service to the world at scale 
    • Connect with your invaluable customers smoothly and more easily 
    • Increase your business’ impact  
    • How is all this possible? The effects of software development are intertwined: it’s flexible and modifiable so it can evolve as your needs and complexity evolve, and it’s built entirely for you, so it works hard for you and only you 

      That’s how it fosters and nurtures growth, allowing you to scale with ease.  

      What Type of Software Development Should You Consider?

      Custom software development should be a process that revolves entirely around you. 

      It should concretely address your needs, be built and designed to alleviate your challenges, and empower your core goals and operations, putting you in a position to grow and become the industry leader that your ambition demands.  

      So perhaps the better question to ask is what kind of custom software development company should you be considering? 

      You want one that takes the time to understand you; to fully understand what drives you, what your mission is, why you started your company in the first place.  

      But that’s not enough.   

      Your custom software development company should also fully understand what your challenges are to identify what kind of solution is required to take your business to the levels you aspire to.  

      At Bitbean, understanding you and your business is at the core of our servicesso we can build something amazing together that will fuel and drive your growth. From software consulting to building a thorough and impactful product strategy, we’re in the business of helping you and other ambitious leaders achieve their business goals and overall vision.  

      Be our next success story. We can help you the same way we helped Card Cash take their amazing product to new levels through software development so they could bring their truly unique service to more people.  

      Get in touch today and let’s talk about how we can build something amazing together to take you where you intend to go.