Bitbean Introduces Title Production Software Evolution Roundtable

      Bitbean Introduces Title Production Software Evolution Roundtable

      The Title industry has been serviced by TPS platforms for the past 25 years. Integrations with vendor platforms have been helpful for the Title companies’ workflows. As the industry advances and more web-based platforms enter the market, Title companies face decisions about how to leverage the software offerings to improve their businesses.

      That’s why Bitbean is introducing this roundtable as the first in a series for the Title Industy to share ideas, issues, and solutions. We’ll discuss pressing technology-driven issues that affect the vast majority of Title companies. Experts like you will help us explore those and other core problems they are now facing. 

      Roundtable moderator: Charlie Katz

      This roundtable will be moderated by Charlie Katz, Bitbean’s Executive Creative Director, who has interviewed over 650 CEOS for Bitbean’s CEOs Speak and Podcast series. His interviews have also been featured in Authority Magazine, ThriveGlobal, and Entrepreneur.

      Charlie has over 20 years experience in major NY and west coast agencies, including Dancer-Fitzgerald-Sample, now Saatchi & Saatchi, D’Arcy-MacManus & Masius, and Wells, Rich Greene. As Exec. Creative Director, he developed creative strategies and campaigns for such clients as Colgate, R.J. Reynolds, KFC, and Home Depot. Along the way he won numerous national and international awards including the NY Advertising Club ‘Andy.’

      Title Production Software Evolution

      Bitbean has been involved in the Title Industry space for years, which is why we are coordinating this first roundtable.

      This roundtable will explore one of the central issues facing the Title industry: The fragmentation in communication, data transferring, and ordering between industry-standard platforms. 

      The wide diversity of platforms used by Title Producers, Abstractors, Underwriters, Loan Originators, and other vendors have all been created with different integration and customization capabilities which has led to this fragmentation.

      This roundtable discussion with Title industry experts will explore what platforms and services you use, what integrations you find valuable, and where you hope to see a change in the industry.

      We will share the Title Production Software Evolution Roundtable with executives in the real estate industry and other PR promotions. Your insights and expertise will circulate through the industry.

      Roundtable topics:

      Duration of this roundtable will be 50-75 minutes with each topic estimated at 10-15 minutes each.

      Topics will include:

      • What TPS platform do you use and has it helped your overall internal business processes (Order Entry, Document Management, Accounting Management)?
      • How have you dealt with vendor management? Have you maximized the current vendor management functionality on your platform, have you built custom integrations with your vendors, or have you used platforms such as greenfolders to deal with vendor management?
      • What have been your biggest challenges around data sharing between platforms, especially if your TPS platform is not web-based?
      • It seems that Qualia has built a robust platform that can solve the industry pain points, why do you believe there is a smaller adaptation in the market than Qualia hoped for.
      • What solutions have you discovered or hope to see in the near future that will solve the fragmentation between the industry standard-platforms?


      Participation in the roundtable will be limited to 5 participants - all company leaders. The roundtable will be virtual and take place in November. Date and time to be determined according to all participants’ availability. 

      If you are interested in participating in this or other roundtables, please contact  [email protected].