Bitbean Shares “How to Turn Your Business Vision into Reality Using Software” at J-Biz

      Bitbean Shares “How to Turn Your Business Vision into Reality Using Software” at J-Biz

      Bitbean’s presentation, “How to Turn Your Business Vision into Reality Using Software,” was right-on-target at the 2018 J-Biz Tradeshow and Conference. Attendees of the June show included over 1,000 businesses and entrepreneurs. And they gathered to network and exchange ideas to benefit their own business visions and enjoy presentations on timely topics.

      Sponsored by Bitbean and hosted by Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce and Parnassah Network, J-Biz was billed “The Biggest B2B NY Jewish Business Trade Show, Conference & Networking Event!” Held in conjunction with the New York Chamber of Commerce and NY Expo, the show received a nod from the White House. President Donald Trump praised the Jewish expo for connecting Israel with U.S. businesses. He wrote that J-Biz is “unique opportunity for business professionals to exhibit their products, services and innovative ideas.” However, the show was also acknowledged by the State Governor’s office and featured in Israeli National News. And the show’s high energy was felt from beginning to end.

      Innovative topics included technology and software

      Digital marketing and selling on Amazon were a few samplings of discussions on the important role of technology and software. Dan Mason, Bitbean’s presenter, provided invaluable insight and direction for businesses to navigate options using software. In addition, his message to use custom software as the means to transform a company’s vision into reality hit home for many entrepreneurs.

      How software transforms a vision

      The reality is that software is everywhere and already touches just about every business. It’s in athletic shoes, refrigerators, cars, and so much more. Software is the behind-the-scenes driver of systems, processes, and transactions. It operates to connect, transfer, translate, and communicate. And software collects, updates, tracks, formulates, and stores. However, that’s just the beginning. The benefits are limitless, especially with custom software. Additionally, with the ability to grow with any business, custom software can improve and update current business processes. But it can also overhaul and replace existing inefficiencies. It pushes innovation and invents new products and services that knows no boundaries. And that vision of endless possibilities is what resonated in Mason’s presentation.

      Driving growth with Bitbean

      Those who know Bitbean, know our passion for pushing the innovation envelope for business success. In fact, we are a “growth driver” for entrepreneurs and multimillion-dollar companies including big players like Walmart. Being innovative and looking at problems and solutions from all angles is part of our unique approach of Shifting Perspectives™. And it’s at the heart of everything we do. But we won’t stop until we’ve revealed every issue and every solution. It starts with asking questions. For example, asking “why” is huge for Bitbean to truly understand an organization’s vision and any obstacles that need to be addressed. Ultimately, it’s about getting to the truth. In addition, it’s about illuminating the right path and bringing explanations and resolutions to the surface. This is what sets us apart from our competitors and turns you business visions into reality.

      So, start realizing your vision with Bitbean.

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