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Bitbean is helping to grow businesses in Brooklyn, NY with custom software solutions that suit their needs. Our whole team is located here in the New York Metro area, making it easy to speak with us and visit us during normal business hours. You won’t have to worry about offshore software development risks and challenges because in Brooklyn, offshore means across the Hudson River.

We’re proud to be one of’s top New York City custom software development companies. Not only do we have some amazing clients in Brooklyn, NY, but many of our talented staff members grew up, studied, or live here. That’s not surprising, because Brooklyn means great living, great learning, and great business—all passions we share.

Happy Bitbean clients in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn businesses, from startups to enterprise firms, need custom software, and Bitbean is here to get the job done. From education to mortgage brokers, from finance to pharmaceutical distribution, we’re excited to be working with such innovative brands. Eastern Union, Riverside Abstract, Brands Paycheck, Deal Med, Chasdei Lev, and KTS Pooled Trust are among our Brooklyn, NY clients.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their Bitbean experience:

Web-based CMS and Mobile Application for Eastern Union

When Ira Zlotowitz, CEO and President of Eastern Union was looking for a local software development company, the choice quickly became clear. Zlotowitz, previously worked with Bitbean on a non-profit project. The goal now was to create a seamless platform that would facilitate his company’s growth and make processes more efficient.

Here's what Zlotowitz learned:

Since Bitbean is local, we have a deeper understanding of the brokerage culture and the clientele (versus an off-shore or off-the-shelf solution).

What Eastern Union says about Bitbean:

“…they [Bitbean] recognize why we are building certain features and can then come back with the right feedback and suggestions based on their understanding of where we want to get to and why.” (Clutch)

Our expertise in custom software developed a system for Eastern Union that accommodated their unique way of doing business.

At Bitbean, we see the big picture. We dove deeply into Eastern’s organizational goals to find a scalable solution to grow with them.

“Their deep understanding of the company's goals and needs helps them offer valuable features and advice.” (Clutch)

To learn more about how Bitbean worked on Eastern Union’s solution, read the Eastern Union case study.

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Web Development for a Brooklyn-based Pooled Income Trust Manager

KTS Pooled Trust manages pooled income trusts, which help disabled or blind senior citizens receiving community Medicaid age in place with dignity. When KTS decided to automate, their CEO, Sam Schwartz, looked for a web development company that shared the KTS core values of integrity, service, and commitment. After asking for referrals among friends and interviewing a short list of companies, KTS selected Bitbean as their web development partner.

Here's why:

KTS realized the need for automation with web development from a trusted company who understands their challenges.

What KTS Pooled Trust says about Bitbean:

“ was an involved and attentive partner. Though the platform is complex, they always understood what was needed and made solid suggestions to keep the project on track.” (Clutch)

KTS looked to Bitbean as a web developer who understands the complexities and regulations that drive asset management operations.

“The project was complex, but they [Bitbean] always found solutions when I needed a feature and couldn’t articulate it fully. They had brilliant ideas and always knew what to do.” (Clutch)

Bitbean came through by creating a robust web portal to automate and streamline the complex processes of managing payments, deposits, and fees for KTS’ vulnerable clients.

To learn more about how Bitbean helps KTS, read the KTS case study.

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Web Portal, Ecommerce Solution for Chasdei Lev

Helping those in need on a large distribution scale can be overwhelming if done inefficiently with limited capabilities. Brooklyn-based Chasdei Lev realized they needed something more advanced to keep up with their expanding giving program. After looking at another firm, a colleague recommended Bitbean, who in Chasdei Lev’s words, “demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our project.”

What they discovered:

Processing 1,000’s of orders is now a streamlined process that saves an enormous amount of time and volunteer labor, while being user friendly.

What Chasdei Lev says about Bitbean:

“Users navigate through multiple screens and place orders quickly. Their staff utilizes a hands-on approach to web development. That process enables them to deliver custom software. They’re valuable partners.” (Clutch)

Bitbean built a secure site designed to protect Chasdei Lev data and the information of their contributors. This was crucial due to past cyber security issues with their old system.

Chasdei Lev used Brooklyn’s own Floyd Bennett Field as the marshalling area for their 2019 Passover food distribution effort. Watch this amazing program and how Brooklyn recipients and others benefit:

Brooklyn roots

When we say that learning and living in Brooklyn, NY is a great experience, we mean it. Read what our founder and CEO, Ephraim Arnstein, shared about his Brooklyn roots:

Although I was born in Jerusalem, my mother was born and raised in Brooklyn.

My parents moved back to Brooklyn, with me in tow. We lived in Borough Park and then in Flatbush on Ocean Parkway and Avenue R. My father studied computer science at COPE Institute and began his career in Information Technology. His success, the seeds of which were planted in Brooklyn soil, led to a position in IBM and a temporary move out of Brooklyn.

Life unfolded quickly. I lived in Monsey, NY…

…went to school in Peekskill NY, returned to Israel for college, and then to Lakewood, NJ where I attended BMG. I discovered that I was a spiritual quester, wondering about the purpose of life. Doing good for my fellow men and women was important. (Thinking of Google’s “don’t be evil” ethos?) Through it all, I returned to Brooklyn.

My mentors suggested that I join an organization focused on teaching about my religion, Judaism.

I joined OORAH, an organization funded by “Kars for Kids”, a car donation company. Their signs can be seen along the Gowanus Parkway. Summer camps, family support, and other good works nurture kids to thrive in a healthy environment. A wholesome education and sports activities help to develop healthy, happy, successful young people. I am a testament to this program.

So how did I get into computing?

It started with me helping a colleague use ACT, a contact management database. It was an enjoyable time and I had the opportunity to meet some interesting people. But I realized that ACT was not being used correctly. The data architecture was all wrong, so I volunteered to take on the challenge of setting things right.

Before I knew it, I was the database administrator (DBA) and it was a natural, organic fit.

But I didn’t forget the kids and camp program. So, I collected demographics and put processes in place to make sure every kid had an appropriate mentor and received the attention he or she deserved. I volunteered my time and skills because I believed in the organization’s values. By doing this, I fundamentally changed the organization.

I did a lot more good in IT, like systems integration, and here is what I learned about myself

‘I care about getting the right things done. I’m a philosopher and a builder. I use my skills and talents to help improve the lives of others. I believe you need to know yourself, be present in the moment, and do good.’

So, how does Bitbean fit into Brooklyn?

Bitbean is here to do good things for its clients and community. You’ve read about some of our Brooklyn clients, and there are more stories of good works in the borough. For example, we sponsored a LinkedIn Meetup for NYC right in Park Slope. The bottom line—I love Brooklyn, our Brooklyn clients, and everything the borough stands for.”

Doing Business in Brooklyn

Clearly, our CEO is not the only person who does good for others in Brooklyn. The borough is full of vibrant businesses and support organizations that help both new and existing businesses thrive. Here are some key facts compiled by the Office of the State Comptroller of New York, titled An Economic Snapshot of Brooklyn in June 2018.

The number of businesses increased by 32 percent since the end of the recession in 2009, faster than in the four other boroughs and almost double the citywide rate.

Business sales increased by 48 percent since 2009 to reach a record of $13.6 billion in 2016.

Private sector employment reached a record of 613,400 jobs in 2017, an increase of 39 percent since 2009.

Metrotech Center is Vibrant

Downtown Brooklyn is the second largest business district in the city, and home to the Brooklyn Tech Triangle. Metrotech Center, a dedicated 16-acre block in downtown Brooklyn, has proved a great success since it was formed in 1992.

Who are some of the luminary businesses in Metrotech?

According to

There are many other businesses in the metrotech center, and right in the center of Metrotech, there is a 3.5 acre public space where a wide variety of events, concerts, and fitness activities take place.

Brooklyn Business Support Organizations

Support organizations are critical to assisting new businesses in taking root and existing businesses in overcoming obstacles to growth. Brooklyn has many such organizations, with some of the most prominent listed, following.

Arts and Culture in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn does not live by bread alone. Instead, it complements its business and academic presence with an array of performing arts venues and museums. When Brooklynites need a refresh from work and study, you are likely to find them visiting one of these sites.


There is no shortage of museums, many housing world-famous collections. These are only a few of the most popular.

What about Coney Island?

Still game after work, learning, and culture? Let’s end with a look at Coney Island, the iconic beach and amusement area that has served New York City’s populace for well more than a century. Besides having a beautiful beach, Coney Island is famous for some of these standout attractions.

Does the name Luna Park ring a bell or stir any memories? It is a fabulous old-time amusement park that puts a smile on the faces of visitors, young and old. Feeling like something fishy? Then the NY Aquarium at Coney Island is just for you. It has been in Coney Island since 1957, and the new Shark exhibit is drawing crowds. Getting hungry? Perhaps Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest would be a perfect contest to join, if you can wait until the 4th of July.

Bitbean and Brooklyn, Perfect Together

With all that Brooklyn has to offer, it’s no wonder Bitbean fits right in as a great custom software development company. Brooklyn, NY is an amazing borough, full of business, academia, culture, and fun. If you are a Brooklyn-based business, have locations in Brooklyn, or a not-for-profit looking for software development, web or app development, or related IT services delivered locally, get in touch with Bitbean today. We are always ready to help.